Salary Forecast of IT Jobs in Australia
January 17, 2018

Salary Forecast of IT Jobs in Australia for Under-Graduates

Information technology courses are high on demand and it would benefit you highly if you know where you would stand after the graduation. Wouldn’t it? Performing the ground work analysis amongst your busy schedule would be a task. So, we have done all the major work for you and broken down the important pieces of information for you.

The IT job market has been consistent over the past few years in Australia. Though there are fluctuations, it is not anything major for the techies to worry about. This blog is dedicated to all IT under-graduates without work experience who are curious to know what they can look for in the market. We have picked the top 4 professions in which graduates with no work experience are hired!

Top 4 Professions in Information Technology

Test Engineer

Test Engineer is a highly specialised position which leads to several prospective career paths within IT. It is to be noted that majority of the graduates who are fresh on board in this profession have Bachelor degree. Yes, that is a bit of good news for the under-graduates! Moving on to the statistics of comparing the median salary for Test Engineers across various cities in Australia, Perth has the highest paid test engineer jobs for the graduates. However, there is not much difference in the salary across the cities. In this case, you might want to consider comparing the living expense to make your call.

Software Engineer

If dealing with networks, operating systems, databases or applications is your key, then Software Engineering is the profession you should be hunting for. If you start your career as a Software Engineer, there are high possibilities for you to reach the top of your career as Development Manager. Sydney job market is the winner this time with the highest median pay for graduates without work experience. In fact, this is the highest paid graduate job across Australia.

App Developer

If you are bit by the code bug, then App Developer job role would be your piece of cake. This position involves designing prototypes, developing application and coding. Once again, Sydney’s median is high. However, you might want to consider Perth as there is just a minor variance in terms of salary, but the living expense would be comparatively less.

Support Analyst

Support Analyst is a job role with high number of openings for graduates without work experience. In this job role, you would be a part of back end team providing technical support. For this role, though the median salary is highest at Sydney and Perth, the difference is minor amongst all the cities. So, you can sit back and prioritise other aspects than salary to make your decision.

Thus, now you know what kind of jobs you must hunt for in the Australian market, the ones that are going to pave a better career pathway for you. However, you must note that these are just the median salaries and they can vary depending upon the software languages and tools you equip yourself with.

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