Moving to Australia
January 25, 2017

Moving to Australia? Learn More About The Land Down Under

Packing your bags to leave for the land down under? You are surely in for an experience. Australia is wonderful country with lush green landscapes with spectacular beauty, pleasant weather, excellent working conditions and wonderful energetic people living life the Australian way.

As a multicultural society, it’s welcoming and respectful for people from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. Aussies have a way with using slangs and it may well leave you like a stunned mullet….. ! Well, it means- perplexed. So, their slangs may leave you clueless about what they said and meant, until you get used to it. Nevertheless, it is a wonderful place to be.

Australian Climate

Climate is as diverse as Australians are themselves. With an extremely varied climate, you have a choice of moving to the part that suits you the most. While Northern Australia has a tropical climate, Southern Australia has different seasons from long summers to cool and wet winters. Western Australia remains and hot during summers and pretty cold during winters.

Australian Society & Manners

Aussies are pretty down to earth people. Straight-forward in expressing their views though. Since they are not very formal, they address people by their first names. They simply love BBQ and you may well be invited for one. Usually guests are expected to bring their own beer and wine on informal occasions. Be mindful of B.Y.O.G (Bring your own Grog) when invited for such occasions.

Transport and Getting Around

Australia has a decent network of public bus networks. You will see taxis around if you need one. Harbor ferries are there in Sydney and trams can be seen in Melbourne and Adelaide. Getting around is fairly easy and affordable in Australia.

Australian Interests

Aussies are fond of football. To give you an idea about their obsession with the game, football are of many types: Rugby Union Football (RUF), Australian Rules Football (ARU), an Rugby League Football (RLF). As a migrant, you must try knowing which is which, so that you do not end up mixing up one with another.

And of course, The Cup which is a better known as the Melbourne Cup across the nation. Held on the first Tuesday of November, the main racing event takes place at Melbourne’s Flemington Racecourse. Witnessed by about 100,000 people at the Flemington, this best known racing event is known for bringing the entire nation to a standstill. The event is also broadcasted to over 650 million people across the world.

Worker’s Rule

Aussies are quite particular about worker’s rights and that makes this nation one of the most amazing places to work. Minimum wage is $ 17.70 per hour (before tax). Lucrative penalty rates are also applicable for Saturday and Sunday.

By all means, Australia is a good place to live. A nation with stable economy, plenty of growth opportunities and great education and health-care facilities. If you need more information about Australia, growth opportunities or how to get a visa to move, contact us and we will be glad to answer your queries.

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