Know the benefits of Canada pr visa with the relaxation of visa norms
October 08, 2018

Know the benefits of Canada pr visa with the relaxation of visa norms

Aptly used is the word ‘relax’ outlining the broad picture on new Canada immigration norms. Skilled workers find themselves more relaxed due to new rules enforced by Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) recently.

To be precise, the relaxation has also led to many job applicants submitting their visa credentials/documentation for Canada immigration in the stipulated time after receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA). The deadline to submit these credentials has been reduced to 60 days from 90 days.


IRCC immigration norms, on the other hand, has renewed hopes of every worker willing to enter the country. A number of skilled workers are coming forward to apply for Canada PR visas. To a large extent, they stand to gain with Permanent Resident visa applicants registering details mentioning age, education and work experience, adaptability and language ability.

There is, however, no denial of certain realities if you are a job aspirant. Take a glimpse of these norms elaborating your eligibility criteria explained below –

Age section: You should be in the age group of 18-47 years. However, you get maximum benefits till 35.

Education: To enter Canada as a permanent resident, you need the necessary educational qualifications. A high school diploma is the least the Authority expects from you. Master’s degree is essential for those individuals aspiring to find a suitable job with the right kind of expertise and experience you possess. Master’s degree will help you to get selected for immigration through Express Entry program.

Work experience: Minimum one year of work experience you should get to be selected for the immigration criteria. IRCC lowered it to one year. If you have 3 years of experience, there are better chances to be chosen for immigration.

Language Ability: For Permanent Residency, two languages are essential to work and conduct business in Canada. Earn extra points with a minimum score of CLB 7 in IELTS. If you scored more than CLB 9, you maximise your profile potential.

Adaptability: Canada immigration program helps families stay and migrate together. IRCC helps you score points if you have family members residing in Canada.


Mention all details as part of your documentation. Attach attested copies of Canada PR visa requirements which include –

  • Proofs of your finances to support your candidature
  • Details mentioning your Educational Credential Assessment
  • The authority will ask for original documents, copies and other official documents supporting your application.
  • Education and work experience documents
  • Documents based on other visas if you possessed earlier


Free education: As a permanent resident or citizen, you can enrol your child in a school where he/she avails free education till undergraduate level. Possessing the right degree enables him/her to excel in his academics.

Standard of Living: The country is recognised for maintaining high standards of living. Due to lowest crime rates, it provides good opportunities if you aspire to settle in Canada.

Friendly towards immigrants: Majority of working population comprises of immigrants. Due to liberal laws, there are no cases reported of any violence or aggression towards newcomers.

Opportunities: Plenty of opportunities are available for professionals belonging to varied backgrounds. Due to the diverse economy, it is an excellent time to migrate to Canada and live there permanently.


Avail other benefits of Permanent Residency in Canada with different programs available for skilled professionals. These include –

  • Immigrate through Express Entry which is Skilled Immigrants Program
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Self-Employed Persons Program
  • Entrepreneur or investor Program, i.e. Quebec Skilled Workers Program
  • Sponsorship Programs

Excellent job placements await you the moment you arrive in Canada. Seek multiple benefits as the pros double each time. IRCC pays utmost attention to job applicants at the time of filing PR visa credentials. If you want to land with unique job and avail information on each of these enlisted programs, fix an appointment with our Immigration and Education Consultants briefing details on how you can extract the best resources in short-run.

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