Excellent pay scales await post completion of your psychology degree in Australia
October 31, 2018

Excellent pay scales await post completion of your psychology degree in Australia

Praises and recognition bring you joy following days of your joining office as a full-time psychiatrist in Australia. A psychiatrist job is among the most lucrative professions you have chosen after completion of your high school. Other employment opportunities in this profession await you whereby you enhance your skills in long-run.

One of your primary tasks, however, is to obtain a psychology degree. Rather than a management study, prefer a career in psychology.

Given a choice, you can take up a post of a forensic psychologist, child psychologist or engineering psychologist. Among others include clinical neuropsychologist or clinical psychologist.

Either-wise you can seek employment as a psychiatrist described as the best professions where pay package is excellent. Over the years, this job helps you climb the ladder. To study in Australia, there are multiple degree programs available. Australia administration, however, provides youth with several job opportunities based on a host of programs. Key posts are listed as follows –

• Child psychiatrist

As a child psychiatrist, you earn close to half a million. You are assigned tasks to treat children in age group of 2-15 years where primary tasks include curing their mental, behavioural and emotional disorders. After that, you spent nearly 8 years of training through an advanced degree in psychology. Eight years are divided into 4 years spent in psychiatric residency whereas remaining years are part of your medical school training.

• Forensic psychologist

Understand the mindset of criminals and treat their disorders termed as challenging tasks. With excellent pay package, you have to ensure you crack cases on time. Though the job is challenging and tedious, a doctorate is essential before being employed as a full-fledged psychologist. Each year, the government provides employment opportunities to nearly 5000 individuals with an average pay package of $85000 per year.

• Engineering psychologists

A graduation degree in Human Factors and Engineering Psychology enables you to undertake research-oriented tasks while working as consultants in product design, engineering and software development. Undertake numerous tasks based on products especially what consumers need. More specifically, you create test panels, focus groups and consumer surveys. Along with safety issues of consumers, you spot potential problems of a specific product whereby you consult developers and engineers. Problematic issues are solved on a timely basis thus helping you create products which are safe and not harmful.

• Clinical neuropsychologist

Along with two-month supervision, you require a postgraduate Masters running for two years or three-year clinical neuropsychology which is a doctoral degree. A senior clinical neuropsychologist will conduct supervision. Furthermore, 1-2 year full-time neurophysiological practice under clinical neuropsychologist is required to achieve Clinical Neuropsychology Practice Endorsement.

• Clinical psychologist

Whether it is diagnosis, evaluation, treatment or prevention of emotional/mental disorders, clinical psychologists work one-on-one with patients thereby providing therapeutic techniques which work as treatment solutions. Seek employment in psychology with psychologists availing employment opportunities in hospitals, clinics, private hospitals, clinics etc.

All the more you tend to remember that before getting a psychology degree in Australia, ensure the course receives accreditation with the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC).

Visa procedures

Before being appointed as a psychologist, you have to register with Psychology Board of Australia initially. Apply for the visa issued by the country’s Department of Home Affairs. Consult authorities of Skills Assessing Authority for your skill assessment.

General Skilled Migration

The Australian government, on the other hand, has officially nominated Australian Psychological Society (APS), which is assessing body for psychologists. It is APS evaluating your qualifications for migrating to the country through Skilled Migration categories.

The Society, on the other hand, may conduct a separate assessment of the history of skilled employment. You are entitled to apply for Skilled Independent – subclass 189, Skilled Nominated – subclass 190 or Skilled Regional Sponsored – subclass 489 visa consisting of your work experience details. Besides, Expression of Interest (EOI) details can be lodged online via Skill Select. APS assesses your work experience claims whereby you can work at different psychiatrist levels.

Need assistance on GSM and different visa types? If you want specific information on subclass 189, subclass 190 or subclass 489 visas, consult our Overseas Education Consultants solving big picture for you. Surely, you make headway with right solutions before being registered as a psychiatrist in Australia.

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