Here are 9 Steps to Follow for Canadian PR under Express Entry!
April 23, 2019

Here are 9 Steps to Follow for Canadian PR under Express Entry!

Canadian Express Entry is among the best and fastest online immigration programs for individuals who want to settle in Canada on work or study purposes. This program is popular and in demand nowadays for the majority of visa applicants seeking Permanent Residency benefits. It is a recommended program for the majority of skilled professionals and international students.

Guarantee yourself PR rights after clearing the number of details of your visa application. Do understand the program structure in general thereby getting a fresh perspective regarding its different processes from scratch. This clear structure enables you to highlight relevant details part of your visa application.

Step by Step Procedures Before Applying for Canada PR Under Express Entry Are:

1. Meet the English language requirement

Possess a good score in IELTS examination. Forward the test result details to immigration authority that act as concrete proofs. If you are conversant in French, you can appear for its language test to improve your overall ranking.

2. Express Entry profile is mandatory

Create your profile online by fulfilling all the criteria. This process is part of your online immigration.

3. Education Credential Assessment

Enhance your CRS (Comprehensive Ranking Score) by claiming an additional 150 points. Ensure you complete your ECA (Education Credentials Assessment) since the education course is not run in Canada but within your home country. Make it a point to complete your course at the earliest.

4. File your application for PNP

As a visa applicant, you have the upper hand to apply for different PNP (Provincial Nomination Programs). A number of the country’s provinces manage these programs. If you are selected for any nomination, you have to secure at least 600 points that are part of your overall score.

5. Seek an invitation

You receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) once your Express Entry profile is selected from the draw. Score Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) in the Express Entry Draw. On acquiring an ITA, you must submit your application within 60 days.

6. Comply with law enforcement agencies and get a health checkup

Get a complete health checkup verified from a team of doctors. The doctors have to be approved by both the country’s immigration authority and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Submit a certificate of police clearance from the respective cities you resided for over six months or more.

7. Get your application crosschecked

The country’s immigration officer will review your application from scratch. Furnish other details as well.

8. Receive your PR status confirmation

Comply with all aspects part of your visa application process. They will enable you to get your PR status confirmed at the earliest. Your application will be processed within a couple of months if you are keen to apply under CEC (Canadian Experience Class). As a visa applicant, be granted with the Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) card.

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9. Travel to Canada

Finally, you can now travel to Canada after fulfilling every immigration process. A candidate’s profile is accessed and ranked based on details related to his education, work, language abilities, and skills. Both the governments of provinces/territories and employers can select those immigrants who have good CRS scores. Applicants are chosen based on the respective scores in Express Entry pool.

Address other details about the country’s immigration criteria right away. Are you still facing recurring issues regarding different provinces, territories while processing your visa application in a time-bound manner? In such a scenario, you can directly interact with our teams of immigration experts and education consultants. Their many years of experience and vast experience will solve many doubts arising in your mind.

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