Why choose Accounting degree courses in australia for better career?
October 18, 2018

Why choose Accounting degree courses in australia for better career?

Maintain bookkeeping records of your company. They draw your attention to different account transactions calculated. The process can be simplified through auditing.

Who among professionals handle these transactions and your auditing reports?

It is accountants managing financial dealings and taxation of every company. Among the places, you find them are business management and accounting firms. One of the reasons you should be aware of is to get into account specifics before opting for a career in accounting.

Percentage of accountants employed in different firms across Australia will climb to 13.3% by the start of 2020, say analysts. The percentage is due to large, medium and small scale firms preferring hundreds of accountants to manage businesses. Another reason is regarding thriving economy that recorded unprecedented boom with several firms enhancing prospects of accounting aspirants.

Why opt accounting degree

Accounting degree in tertiary qualification along with skills remain the norm every student has to follow. Study accounting and finance through different degree programs available in the country. These include diploma/graduate/advanced diploma, graduate certificate, associate degree and master of professional accounting.

A Bachelor of Business (Accounting) is, however, described as the minimum qualification to seek entry in Certified Practicing Accountant Australia (CPA Australia) and Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ). Advanced Diploma of Accounting or a Diploma is necessary if you want to pursue the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) course. A study in Australia helps you become more efficient as an applicant along with the right specialisations and skills in accountancy directly inculcated from education years.

List of specialisations

Choose from the list of specialities in case you want to pursue an accounting career. Depending on the field you choose from, right experience along with accounting spreadsheets/software help you meet essential objectives.

• Forensic Accounting

Different tasks you are assigned with whereby you analyse accounting data and investigate to how different accounts are settled. As a forensic accounting expert, you have to possess sufficient knowledge in finance and accounting thereby solving discrepancies existing within your company. Frauds, misconducts can be dealt with in a time-bound manner.

• Corporate Finance

One of the most preferred roles for an accountant is to evaluate company policies. These depend on undertaking different finance-related activities such as controlling cash flow, raising capital or buyouts, mergers or acquisitions. Efficient communication and teamwork skills are necessary if you want to make a mark in the corporate finance field. Ensure you meet deadlines with long working hours and be able to cope up with stressful working hours.  

• Management Accounting

Your job is challenging, and among the responsibilities, you are assigned with include in explaining board of managers about complex issues related to finance and accounts of your company. One of the associated problems is to solve them in a manner conducive to all thereby enhancing smooth communication skills and possessing knowledge based on strategy, business and planning.

• Financial Accounting

As a financial accountant, you make it a practice to verify financial reports and statements of your company. Possessing mathematical skills based on your analytical abilities remains essence whereby you ascertain issues. Due to excellent communication skills, you work closely with different businesses and industries.

• Investment Banking

Primary responsibility as an investment banker is to raise capital for your company/business or deal with acquisitions/mergers. Meet all objectives by earning big salaries and bonuses. You will be working in a bank and also help other companies. Sound knowledge of economics and business are necessary for an individual putting in long hours and working in stressful situations.

• Tax accounting

Deal with tasks involving taxation whereby you work for either a private firm or corporate entity. Ensure you are compliant enough to provide clients with cost-effective solutions. By analysing financial records, you can solve problems. Besides, you should be an asset in mathematics.

In a nutshell, you become more job-ready by working for a multinational company or private firm in Australia. One-year Professional Year Program in Accounting helps you avail right practical training tips thereby gaining experience.

Main services

• Risk Assessment

Among the challenges you have is to mitigate the risks faced by your company and manage them more effectively. This way you help your company curtail costs. Be logical with communication and problem-solving skills which are part of your accounting specialisations.

• Internal auditing

At the year-end or as the year progresses, you keep yourself preoccupied in auditing account books of your company. Every issue related to finance that comes to the fore is highlighted thus monitoring the specifics of your company. This internal auditing post fits you wherein you maintain balance sheets of the company. Take responsibility if things are not planned. Keep an eye to spot errors possibly related to fraudulent means.

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Do you possess basic knowledge in accounting? Are you interested in pursuing a study in Australia? A degree course helps you hone your professional skills and stay ahead in the job market. Seek the guidance of our Overseas Education Consultants whose timely help provides directions whereby you choose particular degree programs by enrolling in the best universities in the country.

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