British Columbia Immigration 2018

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Why British Columbia?

With its magnificent mountain tops, lush green forests, and rocky coasts, British Columbia is an extremely beautiful Canadian province. No doubt then, that this place could be just about every nature lover’s dream come true! In addition to its beauty, its diversity is a result of the thousands of people who come to work and reside in here, from outside of Canada. The high quality of life that this place offers, is definitely a big reason why around 35,000 immigrants are welcomed by this province, every year. With so many people out there who look forward to migrate here, Canada’s new Express Entry immigration program provides an easy, and therefore great opportunity for the same.


What is Express Entry British Columbia?

In order for the British Columbian province to to nominate a person who wants to live there and also has the required professional skills and experience that their economy demands, for an expedited Canadian PR, they have what’s called the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program.

If you’re applying for a BC PNP nomination, here are the two ways for you to go for it

  • You can either make a direct contact with the British Columbia PNP. If you do get their nomination, you can make yourself a Canada Express Entry profile, in which you will then add your BC PNP nomination credentials.
  • Or, you can start out by drafting for yourself an Express Entry profile, then express your interest in getting migrated to British Columbia, and have the BC PNP invite you to apply in the program, as a potential immigrant, through Express Entry. On getting nominated, you will be immediately credited with 60 points on your Comprehensive Ranking System score. This in turn will easily ensure that you get an Invitation to Apply at the coming Canadian Express Entry draw. After all this, if you’re looking to get a permanent residency, going the Express Entry way will mean that your application will have an excellent chance to get an adjudication within 6 months.


What is Provincial Nominee Program British Columbia?

We have already established that British Columbia is a Canadian province that, unsurprisingly, sees a lot of immigration applications each year. So, in order for the process to get simpler and more streamlined for the government to find people who are can help grow their local economy, as well as for those people to get in, the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program was brought into existence.

These are the 2 categories, out of which an applicant must fall in any one, so as to be eligible to apply under the BC PNP

  • Skilled Immigration
  • Business Immigration