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Think nursing is all about checking blood pressures and jabbing needles in arms? Well, not in Australia!

More often when it comes to choosing nursing as a profession, people restricts themselves thinking of limited work opportunities or stagnant career growth.

However, working as an Enrolled Nurse in Australia always provide with an opportunity to ensure a rewarding career and a chance to work across a range of clinical and community environments.

What is Enrolled Nurse?

An Enrolled Nurse is a second-level nurse who practises under the delegation and direction of a registered nurse.

Such nurses are responsible to assist people with the daily activities, perceive changes in health conditions and report to the registered nurse. They are also accountable for their nursing actions and undertake other responsibilities appropriate to their competency levels and in accordance with legislation.

Career Pathways

Remote Area Nurse

Health care facilities or resources are often in short supply in the remote areas. This is why such nurses are highly demanded. To be eligible for the role for a remote area nurse, one much acquire a minimum experience of 3 years.

Mental Health Nurse

Mental Health Nurses are well-versed with the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of people with mental illness, dysfunction or mental disorder. Their roles involve working with specific age groups like children or older parents.

Registered Nurse

For majority of enrolled nurses, the next step is to be a registered nurse in Australia. Registered Nurses are generally trained to assess, monitor and manage complex health condition and are eligible to work in all health care settings including medical offices, nursing hospitals, community health care centres, ambulatory care centres, etc.

How to become an Enrolled Nurse in Australia?

To work as an Enrolled Nurse in Australia, it is required to:

  • Get a qualification in Diploma of Nursing
  • Meet the registration standards and qualification criteria to be eligible for registeration with Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)

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