Aged Care - An Optimum Career Path for Registered Nurses in Australia
July 30, 2018

Aged Care – An Optimum Career Path for Registered Nurses in Australia

A lot has always been said and written on why nursing is considered to be the most trusted and respected profession of all.

Apart from great career opportunities, the profession comes with many challenges and rewards. You are able to save lives of many people, bring cheer and provide comfort to those in need.

If you are the one aspiring to be a registered nurse in Australia, and not aware of the full spectrum of choices available at your disposal, there’s one career that will always suits your expertise, personality and lifestyle.

Aged Care

Aged care is serving older people who are no longer able to live independently or need significant help to manage at home. The services in aged care are divided into three categories:

Residential aged care – The services in residential aged care are usually provided by profit, private and public organisation for the people living in nursing home. It includes assistance with daily chores like cooking, cleaning and laundry along with 24-hour nursing care.

Transition care – The services in transition care are managed by the state and territory governments of Australia. It includes goal-oriented, defined period and therapy-focused packaged services to improve the independence and confidence of older people after a hospital stay.

Respite care – Respite care is the short-term care given to the person and their caregiver. It basically helps carer to take part in everyday activities or go on holidays knowing that the person seeking care is looked after. The services are usually offered at home or in facilities like a day centre or club or an overnight respite cottage and arranged through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP). It can also be provided as residential respite and transition care.

Why Choose Aged Care Career in Australia?

Aged care is one of the booming industries of Australia. It is predicted that by 2030, one in at least six people will be over the age of 60, and the workforce is required to grow from 366,00o to 980,000 by 2050 to meet the rising demand of older Australians getting aged care services.

With so many potential clients, what does it mean to choose a career in aged care?
If you are seeking a career opportunity that offers great employment prospects, then completing a registered nurse course in Australia will help you land a lot of job opportunities and begin an all-time rewarding profession.

The Average Salary of an Aged Care Worker in Australia is $52,368 & the Average Wage Per Hour is $20.76

Flexible Career Options

Flexibility is the holy grail of any workplace. Getting the opportunity to earn without compromising with the other priorities of life are key factors of a job satisfaction. In aged care profession, you are not only offered flexible working hours but an opportunity to choose your own workplace too. You can opt to work directly with the aged in their homes or serve palliative care and respite services.

The services included are not only restricted to helping around the home, providing physical or emotional support but also occupy you in other areas like supervision, admissions, family association and team management.

Rewarding Relationships and Job Contentment

When asked about the realities of working in an aged care, many of us might be adjourned with the challenges involved. But those who worked in the industry always have the rewarding and fulfilling aspects of the job to show.

Every day you wake up with a personal satisfaction knowing that your support and care is genuinely making a difference in the lives of people. Be it taking the elderly out for shopping, getting some grooming done, celebrating birthdays or simply sharing a cup of coffee in the garden, you become the reason for laughs and entertainment.

Common Myths of Working in Aged Care

It’s a women-centric career – A lot of people think that aged care profession is only designed for women owing to the language and metaphors used by the aged care providers in their marketing collaterals. We can only see the pictures of older women in promotional materials, making all men prone to the thought that this field is not relevant to them. This is also attributed to the domestic care and staying at home that was associated with women long time ago.

However, in realism, a lot of exciting programs are offered these days that include different activities and events that can be enjoyed irrespective of gender. The profession is equally dominated by men and has many opportunities for all the individuals to ensure a promising career.

Aged care homes are full of sick people – This myth is an obstinate one! But, it’s not true. A majority of older people living in nursing homes live a quite active life and are in good health. As long as you are determined to make a positive impact on your patients, it enables them to live a longer and fulfilling live on their own.

Once you enter in this profession, there are no chances to leave – The only goal associated with working in aged care, regardless of the career you choose, is to rehabilitate patients to live a more independent style of living.  Whether you choose to serve in residential setting or in transition and respite care, the care can either be offered on a short-term or a permanent basis, depending on the health of your patient.

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