What are the major benefits of getting Professional Year Program?
July 28, 2016

What are the major benefits of getting Professional Year Program?

The Professional Year Program is a well-structured program that aims at the overall professional development of the aspiring candidates by giving them practical exposure to the work place according to their education streams. This PY Program is specially devised for International students who have completed their graduation from a University in Australia. This program imparts valuable skills, knowledge and gives them a real exposure to the Australian workplace while teaching the fundamentals of Australian Work Practices.

Gives you Internship:-

Yes! Getting a start is the most challenging task for every international student looking for a reputed job in his/her own field in Australia. But Thanks to PYP, that opens up the lucrative pathways for aspirants looking for rewarding jobs.

Several reputed institutes like Monash Professional Pathways, Navitas Professional and many others provides guarantee for internship placements during your course or after course completion. And, most of the candidates get permanent job in the same organization after their successful completion of Professional Year Program. So, this is the foremost benefit of professional year program. Otherwise, completion of Internships is a major plus point on your resume that enhances your chances of getting hired by any other company.

Gives Familiarity with Australian Work Environment:-

Every country has its own standards for workplace and professional code of conduct. In Professional Year program, all these tacts are taught by the experts while keeping your career growth in major prospects. They give you relevant knowledge on how to communicate and what kind of professional behaviour you are required to maintain at the workplace so that you can become a compatible Australian Workforce.

Expands your professional/social circle:-

If you will choose a reputed institute for Professional Year Program, it will help you in expanding your circle on both social and professional grounds as you will get in touch with educated people of similar interests. And, it’s always better to surround you with people who can lift you higher with some learning.

Gives you 5 Extra Points for PR

This is the most commonly considered benefit of professional Year Program, and Why Not? Everybody wants to achieve this significant milestone and live as Permanent Resident in Australia. Your successful completion of PY gives you extra 5 points that can make you eligible to apply for PR. For example if you need minimum 6o points to make your application but you have 55 points then you can enrol for professional year program to grab 5 more points to become eligible for the application. In case you already have 60 points and you get 5 extra points with PYP, your score will become 65 which will increase your chances for getting invitation earlier.

Professional Year Program is a Pathway to PR | Career Growth | Australian Work Environment.

For any of your inquiries regarding Professional year program please contact us 03 9900 7222. We are partnered with reputed institutes for Professional Year Program and offering scholarships to the eligible candidates on Profession Year Program Enrolment.

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