Increasing Need for Professional Year Program
August 01, 2016

Increasing Need for Professional Year Program

The term ‘Professional Year Program’ is getting viral among international students who have completed their Degrees (minimum 2years) with Australian University. Now, why this course is getting so much popularity is actually a matter of concern… isn’t it? Obviously yes!

Well, everything that brings on benefits becomes popular and so does this professional year program has become. This program is specially designed for international students while keeping their future career growth in major considerations.

Why Professional Year Program?

In past years, international students were bearing major troubles with jobs search because of lack of experience and practical skills in their respective fields. And they had to step into for other employment options without having any interests but for their survival in the country. Even the candidates possessing Maters Degree with good grades were not getting jobs because they had no idea of practical implications of their knowledge/skills. This all resulted in major underemployment in the Country.

But now we are Thankful to Professional Year Program as this professional training program has increased the chances of employment for international students in their chosen career fields. Under this program, candidates are imparted with practical knowledge in their chosen field through classroom-based training sessions and Industrial Training i.e. Internship. The major benefit of professional year program is, you get chance to work in a reputed company with highly experienced people of your field. They will train you for various tasks within the company which will help you in grasping more skills with a savvy hand in them.

In addition to, you will also build some professional connections during your professional learning period and these can be used by you as Professional References in your Resume. The benefits of Professional year program aren’t just enough. The foremost advantage that you can enjoy after completion of PY program is gaining 5 Extra points to fulfil your eligibility to become Permanent Resident of Australia.

What is the Course Duration?

This training program runs for 44 weeks which includes 12 weeks Internship (Industrial Training)

How I can find best institute for Professional Year Program?

Finding the best institute to start your professional training is a challenging task because there are several institutes in the market offering professional development training course i.e. PY Program and claiming for best learning experience to the candidates. But, it is really important to choose a reliable as well as reputed institution when you are going to invest so much of your valuable time and hard-earned money into this program. Monash Professional PathwaysNavitas and Performance Education are the leading names for providing professional year program and they provide 100% guarantee for Internship with reputed companies.

Yes, along with your choice for professional year program institute it does matter with which company you have completed your internship. So, we advise you to do some research on previous performances of the institutes while making your final decision. You can check their website or visit them personally for face to face conversation for all your concerns.

How Professional Year Program can help me in getting job in my field?

As the whole program is based upon professional learning and developing skills and knowledge in candidates by way of practical training so it helps candidates in acquiring those proficiencies in their own field. Such skills are majorly considered by the recruiters and Australian companies.

The second thing that can help you in getting job is References that you will earn from Industrial Training during your program. As you will get an opportunity to work with experienced people of your profession and in such time you will build some good professional connections in local Australia which can be used as references in your Resume.

Also, as this training program will give you 5 extra points to get PR in Australia so after successful completion of this program you can lodge your File with required points. (The more points you will have there will be more chances to get an early invitation with increased probability of getting PR earlier.) And when you will get your Permanent Resident Visa in Australia, nothing can stop you to get your dream job. Why? Because you have industrial experience in your career field along with genuine references and of course, you are Permanent Resident in Australia. So, you fulfil all the eligibility requirements which are commonly asked by the employers.

Is there any eligibility criterion for Professional Year Program Enrolment?

  • Yes, candidate should meet all the requirements before applying for PY Program.
  • You must have completed your degree (minimum 2 years) from Australian University in Accounting, Engineering or IT.
  • You should have minimum required score in English Language Test and provide evidence for the same.
  • You should have more than 10 months TR (485 Visa) in hand.

If you meet all the above stated requirements, you are eligible to apply for Professional year program.

How Aussizz Group can help you?

We have a specialist team that can help you in choosing best professional year program institute as per your needs and convenience. We understand, everyone is different and has different requirements. Our specialist team will provide you the best available options as per your preferences. You can happily discuss your case with our professional year specialist at 03 9900 7222 or email at

Client Testimonial

– Shravan Kumar Madaan

“I really appreciate AUSSIZZ GROUP’s help and support for my PY and showing me the way of success. Their promises are trustworthy and honest, which aims for your bright future.”

– Bishnu Dhakal

“I would like to thank Aussizz Group and the staff given me a good guideline for professional year program. I really appreciate your services”

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