Top Occupations for Australian Immigration in 2022

The pandemic did not deter the hopes of skilled professionals who want to work and migrate to Australia. It was the country’s administration conducting invitation rounds in 2021.

Currently, there are 200 occupations updated by the DHA (Department of Home Affairs). Before understanding the entire process, you should be aware of different occupations in demand in 2022. The fact of the matter is all occupations have an upper ceiling with scores cut-off.

Applicants obtaining high points secure an invitation for state nomination in Australia. It is for professionals to score the highest points for an invitation with healthcare, engineering, Information Technology, accounting, social work, and trade occupations.

With Skilled Occupation List (SOL) updated for 2022, you have to understand the different procedures before applying for General Skilled Migration visas. Before going a step further, you should be aware of the top occupations.

In-demand Australian occupations 2022

The list of 10 occupations for Australia in 2022 will help job seekers to figure out what they have to do. If you want to qualify for a particular job, you need to assess your skills. Increase your chances of getting hired with the help of the 10 occupations listed below:

  • Finance and Accounting

    A Lot of opportunities await if you are a skilled professional who wants to opt for finance and accounting related jobs. You may qualify for an accountant position provided you underwent training earlier and have experience in payroll and bookkeeping. Even employment opportunities are created for those individuals who want to work as financial consultants and analysts in different companies.

  • Teaching Occupation

    Teaching is in demand across Australia. If you are a secondary education teacher, it works to your advantage. However, you should undergo training and also have the right experience to work as a teacher. It is beneficial if you are well-versed in mathematics or any language. Make sure you build a strong resume mentioning your skills. It will help you to qualify for the position at a later date.

  • Good Customer Service Skills

    These skills are in demand and extremely valuable for every skilled professional. Whether it is Information Technology firms or retail establishments, different companies are searching for those individuals possessing excellent communication skills.

  • Electrical Engineering Skills

    If you can operate and build computer systems, you can work as an electrical engineer. Circuit design is another area you want to specialise. If you received the electrical engineering training with all certifications and licensing up to date, you will have several job vacancies wherein you can choose from.

  • Civil Engineering Skills

    Another engineering job popular in Australia is civil engineering. You have to ensure that your skills are enhanced. As a civil engineer, you should have a sound knowledge of physics and mathematics that will help you to utilise organisation and project management skills. With the help of these skills, you can find a suitable job in this occupation.

  • Project Management Skills

    The onus is on a project manager who has the right skills to efficiently run any business and make sure that the project is completed within a particular budget and on time. Every project manager has to possess industry-specific knowledge and possess soft skills. They should be well-organised and be sound communicators when motivating others Improving these skills might help you to land a project manager job.

  • Nursing Skills

    Nursing is another occupation that helps individuals live, work and migrate to Australia. Possess the necessary nursing skills as the demand for experienced and qualified nurses grows with each passing day. Nursing occupations grew in prominence during the pandemic. The right training and skills will help you find a job of your choice.

  • Mental Healthcare

    Like physical healthcare, mental healthcare is a promising career option in the island nation. If you are a psychologist, your skills are in demand. Many individuals are recovering from the impact of the pandemic that has taken a toll. The right skills in crisis management, counseling, and other health support are essential for a specific mental healthcare occupation.

  • Sales Occupation

    There are many businesses across the country looking for experienced sales associates who are talented and dedicated. If you are a sound communicator who can describe a particular problem with relative ease, you can fit in the sales job. As far as your skills are concerned, you should be aware of a service or product.

  • Software Development Skills

    There is always a growing need for software developers in Australia. Extensive programming language and software skills help you work in a team and meet deadlines. Marketing agencies and tech companies hire those individuals possessing skills in software development.


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