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September 14, 2017

Want to Work or Settle in Australia? Know the Updates to the Job Ready Program

Did you recently complete your graduation from Australia? Are you mulling over to work or settle there? If yes, then firstly, you must apply for the Job Ready Program (JRP). Well, here is something that you should know about.

Job Ready Program

Job Ready Program is aimed at the international graduates who acquired an Australian qualification issued by a CRICOS registered training organisation.

It is a four-step process which assesses employment-based skills. It offers a chance to manifest your skills and willingness to do a job in the Australian workplace. It is inevitable to undertake JRP before you apply for migration to Australia.

The entire process of JRP initiates by first creating an account on the online portal where you can submit the application details along with the valid documents.

The Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) then reviews your submitted documents and contacts you to confirm whether you are eligible to apply for JRP or not.

What is TRA?

Trades Recognition Australia is a skill assessment service provider. It mainly specialises in assessing people’s trade skills that they gained either overseas or in Australia for the purpose of migration and skills recognition.

Once the Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) acknowledges you with the receipt of your valid application documents that you have submitted for the JRP, you can formally start the JRP Process.

Steps undertaken by TRA for the JRP Verification Process

Step 1: Provisional Skills Assessment

This step verifies whether an applicant is an international graduate with Australian qualification or not. It also checks if the applicant has undertaken any employment or vocational placement in the Australian workplace.

Step 2: Job Ready Employment (JRE)

The purpose of this step is to let you gain experience in an Australian workplace to evolve skills that are related to your nominated occupation. It is your duty to find a relevant occupation to that assessed in Step-1.

It is essential that you must have completed at least 1725 hours of paid employment over a minimum period of 1 year in an Australian workplace from your JRE start date which is approved by the TRA. During this period, you need to keep a Job Ready Journal with you in which you should mention your tasks and duties that you undertake at your workplace.

Step 3 : Job Ready Workplace Assessment

This step determines whether you are working at the required skill level or not at your workplace. This assessment is conducted by an assessor from a TRA-approved registered training organisation.

The assessor checks the tasks and duties that you are required to perform at your workplace as penned in your Job Ready Journal.

Step 4 : Job Ready Final Assessment

After successful completion of steps 1, 2, & 3, you are now eligible to apply for the last step. This step provides you with a skills assessment outcome which you will require for submitting an application to the Department of Home Affairs for independent skilled migration visa.

Important Updates to Consider Before Submitting Applications for JRP

  • As per the approval from TRA, the applicants can now email their application documents. But, the documents must be attached as a single PDF.
  • If you submit the documents in formats except for PDF, your application will not be processed further, and it will be returned to you.
  • If you don’t wish to email your documents, you can even post them to the TRA. But, make sure that you post only the certified copies of your documents.
  • You must submit applications that are decision ready. If you don’t provide all the required information and documents, your application might be rejected.

If you require any further information or assistance with the Job Ready Program Application, then our migration agents can help you with that. They know the entire process thoroughly and aim to guide you with the best possible solutions. You can even come and see us at our nearby branch in your city or get in touch with us via email or phone.  

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