Australia is a Favourite Destination for International Students
April 24, 2020

Why Australia is a Favourite Destination for International Students?

When it comes to quality education and state of the art infrastructure, Australia takes a formidable position. Its education system speaks volumes with international students enrolling in prominent universities/institutions in the country.

These institutions are recognised worldwide with every student aspiring to study in the country from school and college days. So much so, they apply for the student visa to pursue their Bachelor, Master or PhD programs.

Australian degrees also play an equal role. They shape students’ careers with the degrees accepted by every employer.

Top Reasons Why Students Wish to Study in Australia?

  • They have abundant choices wherein they can join institutions of their liking
  • The teaching system is innovative
  • There is no shortage of scientific research facilities
  • Students can avail scholarships
  • Degrees are recognised globally

What the Other Factors are?

  1. Living and Studying Costs
    Unlike other countries, Australian study and living costs are affordable. The country accommodates many students. For instance, MBA study cost in Australia is less compared to many countries, including the US.

    Cost Breakup is as Follows:
    • Every individual has to shell between $10k and $20k on living expenses. A lot depends on your lifestyle
    • If you want to enrol in an undergraduate course, you have to pay $10,000-$18,000 yearly
    • Whereas in a graduate course, you have to pay $11k to $19k per year

  2. Lifestyle
    Every international student finds the country accommodative owing to its relaxed lifestyle. Quite obvious Australian education is similar to other western countries. To a large extent, the majority of masses are conversant with the English language. In a way, it benefits every student to understand and converse.

    There are different accommodation facilities available. Whether it includes dormitory, onsite campus or preferring to reside in places near campus.

  3. Scholarships
    A large number of students benefit from scholarships offered by many universities and institutions across Australia.

  4. Insurance
    OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) is the need of the hour for every student. Every student has to make good use of the insurance cover while his course is underway. The cover protects his healthcare. Equally, his family members who arrived in the country to meet him can avail it in case of any emergency.

  5. Australian Visas
    If your course runs beyond 3-4 months, it is not advisable to rely on a travel visa. You should make use of student visa as it is compulsory. However, you can apply for a working holiday visa or tourist visa if it is a shorter language course.

What are the Benefits of Working?

On a student visa, you can work for 40 hours, particularly when studies start. Equally so, you can work on holidays, but you should not work before your course starts.

Besides, there is no work timeline if you have a Working Holiday visa. The duration of your course is four months or less. You can work from the day you arrived in the country till up to a year. But you cannot work with the same employer beyond six months.


Be it finding accommodation, courses, universities or any student visa assistance, speak directly to our Overseas education consultants now. They will be happy to help you out.

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