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April 22, 2020

New Immigration Bill to Benefit Skilled Professionals in the UK

Months of uncertainty over Brexit has left many professionals in the lurch. You were among the many aspiring to live, work and settle in the UK. But the long wait is over now after the Conservative Party led by Boris Johnson announced a series of immigration rules following UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

The country left the European Union in the last week of January this year after three and a half years following a referendum. One of the measures the administration proposed was to issue blue passports with changes confirmed to immigration rules.

What the Major Immigration Rules Post-brexit are:

According to UK administration, it unveiled a new Immigration Bill earlier. It will benefit every migrant like you who has to qualify for UK entry after 1 January 2021.

For a moment, you can heave a sigh of relief with its introduction. Wait for 2021 so that you can migrate to the country for better employment opportunities.

About the Immigration Bill

As per its provisions, an individual has to obtain 70 points for a work visa. He has to earn more than £25,600, should provide the necessary job offer details and be conversant in the English language. The move aims to create high skill and high wage. Besides, it is enhancing the economy in terms of high productivity etc. Those who can speak English benefit the most.

However, there are certain exceptions for those individuals who earn between £20,480 and £25,600 in specific industries which face severe workforce shortage. The initiative proposed by the government will benefit both freelance workers and self-employed individuals to a large extent, according to sources. For months, they were waiting for a visa.

But now with the existing rules in place, they no longer have to worry.

Who the Other Beneficiaries are:

  • Every visitor, including EU citizen, can come to the country without a visa for six months. However, they cannot work in their stipulated duration.
  • Applications of refugees that fall out of the purview of the points-based system can operate as per the existing rules.
  • The bill addresses many concerns for individuals as well.

Skilled Workers’ New Rules

Every EU and non-EU citizen must obtain 70 points if they want to apply for a skilled visa. These points are part of the eligibility criteria.

Here is a Breakup of the Points:

  • You claim 20 points if you show proof of a job offer.
  • 20 points if you have a suitable job offer that pertains to the mandatory skill level
  • If you speak English, you bag 10 points. You must be conversant with the language to a certain level

What is worth mentioning here is that you can claim points for some qualifications. Irrespective to this, if a skilled professional earns a minimum salary, they are allowed to come to the country. However, they should have a job offer that outlines specific occupation, which is part of the job shortage list. It works to their benefit as well, mainly if they are PhD holders.

For Highly Skilled Workers

If you are one of the highly trained professional, you can enter the UK. You must meet the necessary points even if you don’t have a job offer in hand. It works to your advantage if a competent and relevant authority endorses you. They can belong to engineering, science, mathematics and technology sectors.

For Low Skilled Workers

No longer temporary visa options will be open for those who are low skilled.

Benefit Entitlements

As per the current plan, every migrant can avail income-related benefits. At the moment, European Union nationals can claim numerous benefits if they are active economically. On the other hand, non-EU citizens can become eligible for multiple benefits only after granted with Permanent Residence. But, they have to complete a lawful stay of five years if they want to avail benefits.


In a nutshell, there are a host of immigration benefits you can receive if you want to migrate to the UK. Bag the necessary points for a work visa. For any assistance on visa procedures, point system and immigration prospects, feel free to speak to our immigration consultants now!

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