Australian Borders Opening Updates
February 17, 2022

Study, Work & Settle FAQs: Australian Borders to Open on Feb 21

The past is behind you. Fully vaccinated parents, partners, visitors and international students can fly to Australia from February 21 onwards. It comes after the Australian administration decided to reopen its international borders.

But, the question remaining unanswered is if visa holders can travel to the nation with their visas expiring or expired already. They are concerned if the administration permits them to enter.

With doubts lingering in your mind, you can avail answers from Registered Migration Agent Harshit Tailor in the form of Frequently Asked Questions.

Australian Migration – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can You Throw Light on Who can Enter Australia?

Ans: You get an exemption to travel to the country as long as you hold a bridging visa, tourist visa and business traveller visa. Two years passed by as many individuals were unable to come due to the pandemic. Even visa holders can meet families, partners, and friends.

Q: What are the Main Pointers?

Ans: 1. If you are not an Australian Permanent Resident or citizen, you can lodge a tourist visa for those who want to come into the country.

2. If you had applied for a 485 visa onshore, you can go back to your home country

3. Even if you are on a Bridging Visa B and were married overseas, you can come to Australia and meet partners. The same applies to individuals who want to meet their families

Q. Describe the Requirements of Different States?

Ans: Be fully vaccinated if you want to travel to different Regional Areas in Australia. You do not need any quarantine to visit New South Wales and Victoria. With Western Australia not open yet, you can stay in Victoria and travel interstate. You can work in these Regional Areas as you already studied online.

Q. Who are the Fully Vaccinated Individuals?

Ans: Visit Australia if you completed two doses of the vaccine. The rules apply to those individuals who completed vaccine doses such as Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca. You can travel even if you have taken a booster shot or undergone mixed doses of the vaccine. Before traveling, wait for 7 days for immunization.

Q. Are Children Allowed to Travel?

Ans: Children are fully vaccinated if they are below 12 years. A child who has taken one dose can travel with fully vaccinated individuals.

Q. What Documents are Necessary?

Ans: Visa holders need to carry a passport, proof of vaccination, and even an international vaccination certificate. It won’t hinder your travel plans to Australia if you provide them with identity proofs. Even if your parents are traveling, make sure to provide vaccination certificates that should match their identity and passport documents.

Q. About Application Charge Waiver Fees of Visitor Visa

Ans: Most clients, parents, and family members granted visitor visas before the pandemic are eligible for visitor visa vaccines. If the visitor visa has expired, you are eligible for a fee waiver if you apply or make a new application at a later date. Make sure to complete the new application online by December 31, 2022.

Q. What Does It mean for International Students?

Ans: Nearly 150,000 students who are offshore and want to come to Australia can be eligible for a refund for the student visa application charges. They are exempted from refunds as their visas are more than visitor visas. They can book tickets earlier and process the application quickly.

Q. Benefits for International Students

Ans: On a student visa, you can work full time for an unlimited number of hours. If you work in critical sectors, you get additional hours to work more than 20 hours per week or 40 hours per fortnight. It is due to the government announcing it due to the current workforce shortage.

Do not breach any visa conditions but abide by visa conditions. The government is temporarily extending the arrangement work hours provided you do not breach any conditions and balance study and work hours. Maintain the visa conditions such as attendance, course enrolment, and work hours. The cancellation could be the result of the end of working hours.

But if you abide by all these conditions, you can get a refund, and it will not hamper your student visa.

Q. What If You Applied for a 485 visa?

Ans: Before the pandemic, you had applied for Temporary Graduate Visa. If your 485 expired as you were in your home country, apply for the visa. You can travel till September 2022 to travel to Australia.

Australian migration consultants are here to help you with your visa problems. Connect with Aussizz Group for quick responses!

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