Australia Permanent Residency
March 17, 2020

A Guide to Australia Permanent Residency: What You Need to Know

You are like every skilled professional who wants to move to the island continent to work and settle. You check details of PR visa type that offers immigration privileges. It is Australia Permanent Residency that allows you to live and work for 5 years.

What Permanent Residency in Australia All About

With the help of a visa that leads to Permanent Residency, you can settle in the country on a permanent basis. For citizenship, applicant needs to be in Australia for 4 years. Only then will you be able to apply for citizenship in Australia. It allows you to bring your family members. Before the visa grant, you should be aware of its benefits and eligibility criteria.

Australia Permanent Resident Visa Benefits:

  • Work and live in the country
  • You can bring your family members
  • Free education for your children up to a certain age
  • You can grant sponsorship to relatives for PR status
  • Health & work benefits for you and family

Eligibility Criteria for Australia Permanent Residency

  • Age: Your age has to be below 45 years
  • Point’s Grid: Secure 65 points
  • English Language Test: Do you want to qualify for the visa? Beforehand, you must secure a good score in English language test
  • Occupation: Your occupation has to be part of MLTSSL list
  • Skill Criteria: Get your skills assessed based on work experience and education background
  • Prove the authority that you have a good character and health

Applying for Australia Permanent Residency Visa

Before applying for Australian visa, check eligibility that leads to Permanent Residency. Once you receive visa confirmation, you have to apply for skill assessment. The designated authority evaluates several PR process steps, processes involved and processing time.

A Quick Check On Australia PR Process Steps

  • Step 1: Whether you are eligible or not, you have to check it
  • Step 2: Apply for skill assessment via the designated authority
  • Step 3: Submit EOI (Expression of Interest)
  • Step 4:Apply for the visa online along with attesting documents

Here are Some Australia Permanent Residency Processes

  • Check eligibility: Under Point’s grid, you have to score 65 points
  • Select a relevant assessing body for your skills. It is the first step application of Australian process
  • Apply for a pool system after assessing work experience and education background
  • Based on the score, you receive ITA for the last stage
  • Apply for the process final stage within 2 months. Consult DIBP after receiving ITA invitation
  • You will receive your visa after you submit medicals

About Australia PR Visa & Exact Processing Time

Calculate the exact processing time for Australia PR visa application. Your application runs into different stages with each stage covering different time. Here are the following stages:

  • Skill Assessment: Get your education background and work experience assessed. This is usually done with the help of the designated body of skill assessment. Once you provide every document, you can secure results faster. It takes 45-60 days for the processing time.
  • EOI: Prove your interest through Skill select. EOI stage decides your eligibility score. You have higher chances for ITA (Invitation to Apply) if your scores are higher. The processing time depends on the individual’s score.
  • Visa Application: On receiving ITA, you have to submit the visa application to DIBP. DIBP is the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. This is generally done 2 months post you receive ITA. In case your dependents join you, you should add their details.
  • Verification & Medicals: After receiving ITA, you should apply for verification and medicals. It helps you to submit the documents faster for PR visa nod.
  • Approving The Visa: After submitting required documents, DIBP follows thorough research. Once it finds the details satisfying, it will grant you the visa within 3 to 5 months.
  • Preparing For Departure: You have 6 months to migrate to the country. This follows once you receive confirmation of visa approval.

Eligible Criteria of Australia Permanent Residency Consist of:

  1. Age: Your age should not exceed 45 years
  2. Qualification: If you have a degree accredited globally, it is acceptable
  3. English Language: Be proficient in English language. Secure 6 band in IELTS
  4. Visa Category: Select the appropriate program for different PR visa types. Your skill select must match the skill set list of Australia
  5. Work Experience: You should have a desired work experience. Your occupation should be part of STSOL, MLTSSL or ROL
  6. Medical Examination: Show proofs that you are sound health-wise
  7. Point-based Criteria: Score 65 points as point-based selection system

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Other PR Requirements

Individuals can apply for Australia PR. Match all requirements by obtaining 65 points in point calculation system. Show funds as part of proof to sustain you and family. If you want to migrate to Australia, here are certain requirements as follows:

  • Language test details
  • Education qualifications
  • Work experience & certificates
  • Medical & police verification
  • Travel documents
  • Settlement funds proof i.e. bank accounts, bonds, cash, etc.

Ways to Apply for Australia PR Visa

Choose a particular program on the basis of your eligibility. Some immigration pathways for different Australia PR visas include:

  • Skilled Independent Visa-subclass 189
    The suitable visa program in Australia for PR is the Skilled Independent Visa. Before applying, you should meet eligibility criteria. You are bound to get invitation for PR visa.

  • Skilled Nominated Visa-subclass 190
    The visa helps every skilled professional. On basis of your points, the state or territory government nominates you. Prove whether your occupation is part of STSOL.

  • Subclass 491 Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa
    Subclass 491 visa allows you to live and work in Australia with its validity for 5 years. Meet skill criteria wherein you seek nomination of sponsorship from state/territory.

Permanent Residency Australia Visa Cost Details are:

  • Skilled Independent Visa
    • Main applicant – AUD4045
    • Secondary applicant of 18 and over – AUD2025
    • Other applicant under 18 – AUD 1015
  • Skilled Nominated Visa
    • Main applicant – AUD4045
    • Secondary applicant of 18 and over – AUD2025
    • Other applicant under 18 – AUD 1010
  • Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa
    • Main applicant – AUD4045
    • Secondary applicant of 18 and over – AUD2025
    • Other applicant under 18 – AUD 1010

How to Apply for Australia PR from Any Country?

Consider some steps needed to avail PR visa from any country:

  • Step 1: Choose your occupation from SOL
  • Step 2: Meet points as per the country’s Points calculator
  • Step 3: Lodge EOI with help of Skill Select
  • Step 4: Receive ITA
  • Step 5: Submit Australia Permanent Residency application
  • Step 6: Get medical and police clearances
  • Step 7: You receive PR grant to migrate

In a nutshell, every professional has to comply on visas criteria and processes. Looking for answers on skilled visas, PR processing time, criteria and how to apply? Speak to our Australia PR consultants today.

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