How to Apply for Citizenship in Australia?
February 25, 2020

How to Apply for Citizenship in Australia?

The process to seek it becomes a lot easier than you imagined. Unlike other countries, settling in the country is not complicated. But it works in your favour if you followed various procedures.

One of the many options is applying for citizenship after you are on a permanent residency visa. As a Permanent Resident, you stayed in the country for several years. You must provide details within the application and appear for the citizenship test. The only way to complete the entire process is by taking the test.

Till date, tens and hundreds of migrants became Australians with citizenship ceremonies conducted. Others were unable to take up the privilege, according to Australian citizenship news.

Apply for Citizenship in Australia after PR

Stay for four years after receiving the visa for permanent residency. Complete a one-year stay out of four years before becoming an Australian citizen. The other three years can come from the time you spent as a permanent resident.

Before you seek citizenship, you cannot stay outside the country for more than one year or over three months in a year. Keep a check to the time you spent outside. It involves your business travel where you can travel outside the country.

Apply for Citizenship in Australia through Descent

Did you seek Australian citizenship through descent? Compared to other options, it is less expensive due to the involvement of easy processes. Some citizenship requirements you have to fulfil are-

Being Born Outside the Country

Providing documents of your parent who is a citizen of Australia during the time of your birth. No need to appear for an interview or a citizenship test.

But, citizenship is only granted to those children whose parents are Australians. In case you are above 18, you should provide documents that prove that you are of a good character. Make it a point to issue documents in the English language, or you might need a translation done by a translator. The country administration has to approve the translator.

It is pertinent to mention you can apply for citizenship via descent online or physical form. After processing your application, you can provide extra documents. The process is less painful compared to other citizenship options. In other words, the process is the quickest citizenship pathway.

Steps: Apply for Citizenship in Australia

Here are few steps to follow while applying for citizenship in Australia.

The first step is receiving a temporary visa. Based on it, you can apply for a particular visa that grants you Australia permanent residency.

Permanent Residency

Other steps you need to apply to include naturalisation and citizenship application. Last but not least, the final step is the successful completion of the citizenship test.

What Is Naturalisation?

It is a legal process or act. Non-citizens can seek nationality or citizenship of a particular country.

Citizenship Application

Following a four-year naturalisation period, you can apply for citizenship in Australia. The majority of people can apply online. If you are a migrant with permanent residency, you can apply for citizenship. Those under the age of 60 can apply for citizenship. Whereas if you are over 60, you can appear for an interview rather than taking a test.

Citizenship Ceremony

Seek an invitation to attend a citizenship ceremony. The authority has to approve your application after you pass the citizenship test. Within one year, attend the ceremony after you receive approval of the application.

The duration of the ceremony lasts two hours. In other words, the authorities will tell you to take a commitment pledge. After that, you seek citizenship status. Soon after, you receive a citizenship certificate. The certificate comes handy at the time of applying for an Australian passport.

In a nutshell, seeking citizenship to Australia is not an arduous task as it seems to be. Fulfil every criterion of Permanent Residency and follow different processes step by step. Seek guidance on naturalisation, temporary/permanent residency visa, citizenship test and pledge. Approach our Australian immigration agents and consultants for any help.

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