Australian Skilled Migration Visa
February 12, 2020

Importance Of Skillselect In Australian Skilled Migration Visa

You are close to seeking Australian skilled migration visa. But, there is one factor you cannot overlook. Without skill assessment, it will not be easy for you to process your visa application. An assessing body assesses every occupation in the country. It checks if your skills meet the specific standards required in a particular occupation. The assessing body analyses your work experience, education background and other details. It checks if they are accurate and relevant, as mentioned in the eligibility criteria.

Only then you can lodge Expression of Interest for Subclass 189, 190 or 491 visa. On your part, you have to crosscheck several details umpteen times. Ensure that they are complete as the SkillSelect is part of Expression of Interest (EOI). Given the skilled migrant visa options, you can be within easy reach. But, the responsibility lies with bodies such as VETASSESS, TRA, EA, ACS and CPA. They decide the profile details of the applicant.


An excellent profile that meets the visa criteria stands out. Competition is on the rise with migration numbers on a steady decline. It is the DHA (Department of Home Affairs) reducing intake of migrants to 160,000 from 190,000 in 2019-20. With the help of proper planning, you can receive an invitation. Submit EOI for Australia skilled migration visa through SkillSelect as well.


It is the country’s online application system. It benefits every individual who wants to apply for a visa under skilled migration.

But under the skill stream of the country’s migration program, you must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) via SkillSelect.


You can only show Expression of Interest if you get a positive outcome from relevant assessing bodies. Besides you cannot judge the appropriate visa category if you have not explored different options.


An EOI is merely an indication that you would like to apply for Australian skilled migration visa and is not a visa application in itself. However, you will still need to include a range of information, including:

  • Personal information
  • Desired/nominated profession
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • English language proficiency
  • Skills Assessment relevant to your nominated profession
  • Partner Skill & English Proficiency

After you have completed your EOI, you will be given a points score based on the above points and ranked by an automatic and objective process.

Once you submitted your Expression of Interest on SkillSelect, employers and state/territory, governments can review it and identify candidates for sponsorship or nomination.

Make it a point to submit all details before receiving the invite for a skilled migrant visa. Once invited, you have 60 days to file it. Whatever is in EOI has to include concrete proofs. There are possibilities of your application getting rejected for a visa if you do not present correct documents.


Your occupation is on-

* STSOL (Short Term Skilled Occupation List) of Australia

* MLTSSL (Medium Long Term Skilled Shortage List)

Your occupation has to be part of MLTSSL. You can apply for skilled migrant visas namely—

a. Skilled Independent Visa—subclass 189

b. Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa—subclass 491 (Relative Sponsorship) 

Your occupation has to be part of STSOL. You can apply for-

c. Skilled Nominated Visa—subclass 190

d. Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa—subclass 491 (Regional Area Sponsorship)

On a subclass 491, the state/territory government can nominate you. You can also seek sponsorship from relative. Besides, the designated area of Australia grants you 15 points. Ensure your occupation is part of STSOL. This will help you to seek nomination by a state/territory government or employer. You cannot apply for Skilled Independent Visa if your occupation is part of STSOL.


Seek points based on age, work experience and educational background if you want to possess an Australia visa. English test qualifications, state/territory or relative sponsorship, are also necessary. The relative has to live in the country’s designated area. Claim points in case of extra skills such as-

  • PY (Professional Year) program
  • Credentialed community language
  • Study in Australia
  • Partner skills
  • Partner English Test
  • Living and studying in regional Australia


ACS: Australian Computer Society

Known as ACS, assessing authority for IT-related professional.

  • Software Engineer
  • Software Test
  • ICT System Analyst
  • ICT Business Analyst
  • Developer Programmer

Engineering Australia

For all engineers, 

  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Transport Engineer
  • Telecommunication Engineer

VETASSESS Professional

It is a skill assessment body for professionals, administrators and managers on SOL. Before skilled migrant visa is granted, some points the assessment body looks into are-

  • Interview
  • Technical Assessment
  • Practical component


Known as CPA Australia, the assessing authority offers professionals with skill assessment services. These services enable an applicant to meet educational standards for several occupations. 

These include-

  • External Auditor
  • Accountant (General)
  • Finance Manager
  • Taxation Accountant
  • Management Accountant


The service provider conducts assessments for professionals belonging overseas or within the country. The assessment includes many trade skills. This is for skill recognition and migration purpose.


Last but not least, every respective trade body verifies the applicant’s candidature. They give a positive outcome to those professionals whose skills meet the standards in a related occupation for an Australia visa. Are you an engineer, accountant or trades professional? Approach our Australian immigration agents who offer every help.

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