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Australian Visa Applicants! It’s Time to Re-evaluate Your Expenses!
Posted on May 12, 2017Author Aussizz Group

Australian Visa Applicants! It’s Time to Re-evaluate Your Expenses!

While the recent abolition of 457 visa along with the major changes to citizenship requirements seem to be the last straw for visa applicants or overseas workers in Australia, the updates in the visa application charges also joined the bandwagon.

The Visa Application Charges (VAC), as you may know, is the amount of money in Australian dollars (AUD) that is prerequisite to pay for a visa application (if there are no exemptions applied).

The charges are generally payable in two instalments wherein the first instalment is required to be paid when the visa application is made while the second instalment is paid before the grant of the visa.

On Tuesday, 9th May 2017, the treasurer of Australia, Scott Morrison announced the proposed changes made to the visa application charges as a part of 2017-18 budget.

From July 1st, 2017, the current visa application charges will rise in coherence with the forecast Consumer Price Index (CPI) and become more expensive.

The increase in the fees is rounded to the nearest $5 and will be indexed annually. It will affect all the visa application lodged on or after 1st July 2017.

Please note

  • The indexation will only be applied to the first instalment of the visa application fees and not the second instalment.
  • The indexation of 1st instalment applies to both primary and secondary applicants.

Given below is the list of fee changes in the Australian visas that will be effective from 1st July, 2017. Take a look:

Table A - Visa Subclasses Indexed

GroupSubclassSubclass NameCurrent VAC PriceNew VAC Price

Primary Applicant

Adult Dependent

Child Dependent

Primary Applicant

Adult Dependent

Child Dependent

Visit405Investor Retirement$325$165$80$330$170$80
600Visitor - ADS, Business, Sponsored$135N/AN/A$140N/AN/A
600Visitor - Frequent Traveller$1,000N/AN/A$1,020N/AN/A
600Visitor - Tourist Inside Australia$340N/AN/A$345N/AN/A
600Visitor - Tourist Fast Track Fee$1,000N/AN/A$1,020N/AN/A
600Visitor - business Visitor Fast Track Fee$1,000N/AN/A$1,020N/AN/A
602Medical Treatment$280$140$70$285$145$70
Study407Training Visa$275$275$70$280$280$70
485Temporary Graduate-Graduate Work$1,470$735$370$1,500$750$375
485Temporary Graduate-Post-Study Work$1,470$735$370$1,500$750$375
500Student Visa$550$410$135$560$420$140
500Student Visa - Postgraduate Research Sector$550N/AN/A$560N/AN/A
590Student Guardian Visa$550N/AN/A$560N/AN/A
Work124Distinguished Talent$3,655$1,830$915$3,730$1,865$935
132Business Talent$6,990$3,495$1,745$7,130$3,565$1,780
186Employer Nomination Scheme$3,600$1,800$900$3,670$1,835$920
187Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme$3,600$1,800$900$3,670$1,835$920
188Business Innovation$4,780$2,390$1,195$4,875$2,440$1,220
188Business Innovation - Business Innovation Ex$575$290$145$585$295$150
188Business Innovation - Entrepreneur$3,600$1,800$900$3,670$1,835$920
188Business Innovation - Investor$4,780$2,390$1,195$4,875$2,440$1,220
188Business Innovation - Premium Investor$8,410$4,205$2,105$8,580$4,290$2,145
188Business Innovation - Significant Invest Ex$575$290$145$585$295$150
188Business Innovation - Significant Investor$7,010$3,505$1,755$7,150$3,575$1,790
188Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional)$4,780$2,390$1,195$4,875$2,440$1,220
189Skilled- Independent$3,600$1,800$900$3,670$1,835$920
190Skilled- Nominated$3,600$1,800$900$3,670$1,835$920
400Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist)$275$275$70$280$280$70
403Temporary Work - Domestic Worker$275N/AN/A$280N/AN/A
403Temporary Work - Foreign Government$275$275$70$280$280$70
403Temporary Work - Government Agreement$275$275$70$280$280$70
403Temporary Work - Seasonal Worker$275N/AN/A$280N/AN/A
408Temporary Activity Visa - All Streams$275$275$70$280$280$70
408Temporary Activity Visa - Partial A ll Streams$70$70$20$70$70$20
457Temporary Work (Skilled) - Closes March 2018$1,060$1,060$265$1,080$1,080$270
476Skilled- Graduate$360$180$90$365$185$90
489Skilled- Regional (Provisional)$3,600$1,800$900$3,670$1,835$920
489Skilled- Regional (Provisional) holds$320$160$80$325$165$80
858Distinguished Talent$3,655$1,830$915$3,730$1,865$935
887Skilled- Regional Qual$370$185$95$375$190$95
887Skilled- Regional Other$3,520$1,760$880$3,590$1,795$900
888Business Innovation - All Streams$2,305$1,155$575$2,350$1,180$585
890Business Owner$2,180$1,090$545$2,225$1,110$555
890Business Owner holds Class UX$325$165$80$330$170$80
891Investor Class UX$325$165$80$330$170$80
892State/Territory Sponsored Business Owner$2,180$1,090$545$2,225$1,110$555
892State/Territory Sponsored Business Owner UX$325$165$80$330$170$80
893State/Territory Sponsored Business Investor$2,180$1,090$545$2,225$1,110$555
893State/Territory Sponsored Business Investor UX$325$165$80$330$170$80
114Aged Dependent Relative$3,870$1,935$970$3,945$1,975$990
115Remaining Relative$3,870$1,935$970$3,945$1,975$990
117Orphan Relative$1,450$725$365$1,480$740$370
143Contributory Parent (Migrant)$3,695$1,245$625$3,770$1,270$640
143Contributory Parent (Migrant) - Subs 600, holds 173, held 173 28d$325$165$80$330$170$80
143Contributory Parent (Migrant) - held 173 comp$2,370$1,185$595$2,415$1,210$605
151Former Resident$3,520$1,760$880$3,590$1,795$900
155Five Year Resident Return$360N/AN/A$365N/AN/A
157Three Month Resident Return$360N/AN/A$365N/AN/A
173Contributory Patent (Temporary)$2,490$1,245$625$2,540$1,270$640
300Prospective Marriage$6,865$3,435$1,720$7,000$3,505$1,755
445Dependent Child$2,370$1,185$595$2,415$1,210$605
461New Zealand Citizen Fanny Relationship (Temporary)$325$165$80$330$170$80
801Partner - Transitional Visa Holder$410$205$105$420$210$105
801Partner - Prospective Marriage$1,145$575$285$1,170$585$290
804Aged Partner$3,870$1,935$970$3,945$1,975$990
835Remaining Relative$3,870$1,935$970$3,945$1,975$990
837Orphan Relative$1,450$725$365$1,480$740$370
838Aged Dependent Relative$3,870$1,935$970$3,945$1,975$990
864Contributory Aged-Parent (Residence)$3,695$1,845$925$3,770$1,880$945
864Contributory Aged-Parent (Residence) - holds884, subs600, 28d 884$325$165$80$330$170$80
Other20Bridging B$140N/AN/A$145N/AN/A
159Provisions Resident Return$185$95$45$190$95$45
785Temporary Protection$35N/AN/A$35N/AN/A
790Safe Haven Enterprise Visa$35N/AN/A$35N/AN/A
808Confirmatory (Residence)$275$140$70$280$145$70

Note: N/A - Refers to both Nil and Not applicable items.


Table B - New Products

SubclassSubclass NameCurrent VAC PriceNew VAC Price
Primary ApplicantAdult DependentChild DependentPrimary ApplicantAdult DependentChild Dependent
TBCBetter targeting skilled visas (Short-Term - Up to 2 yrs) - Commence March 2018N/AN/AN/A$1,150$1,150$290
TBCBetter targeting skilled visas (Medium-Term- Up to 4 yrs) - Commence March 2018N/AN/AN/A$2,400$2,400$600
202Community Support Programme - Commence 1 July 2017$2,680NilNil$2,680NilNil
TBCTemporary Sponsored Parent visa - Commence November 2017 ( 3 yr validity)N/AN/AN/A$5,000N/AN/A
TBCTemporary Sponsored Parent visa - November 2017 ( 5 yr validity)N/AN/AN/A$10,000N/AN/A
Skilling Australians Fund Levy- Commence March 2018
- Small Business (turnover of less than $10m
  - Temporary Visa (Short or Medium Term)
  - Permanent Visa

$1,200 per year (or part thereof )*
$3,000 flat rate
- Medium/Large Business (turnover of $10m or more)
  - Temporary Visa (Short or Medium Term)
  - Permanent Visa

$1,800 per year (or part thereof)*
$5,000 flat rate

The SkiIIing Australians Fund Levy will be introduced in March 2018 to coincide with the commencement of the Temporary Skill Shortage visa.

* Price per year (being a 12 month period). Periods of less than 12 months will attract the full levy. For example, a small business nominating a person for an 18 month Short Term visa will pay a $2,400 levy.



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