Study Abroad after 12th
May 22, 2017

Is it good to study abroad after 12th?

Are you at the cross roads where you have to choose from the various options to start your higher educational career?

Feeling pressurised and anxious to make the so called ‘right choice of career’?

In India, 12th board exams are a serious affair! There is so much of hype around how you must get it right and bright else the way ahead to your career will be blurred and your future down the drain. Remember how everyone says that this is one milestone after which things start getting smooth and easier? But little do they disclose that it is just the beginning of making impactful and significant career decisions.  And even before you finish your high school, you are met with one of the most important questions of ‘career decision’.

What do you do when you have to choose from the overwhelming options of professional career paths? While you are at it, you try to make the wisest decisions weighing each parameter and the pros & cons. With increasing ease in access to global education and number of doorways opened by different foreign countries, one of the lucrative options is to choose to Study Abroad.

To help you decide, detailed below are some of the prominent reasons to make the wise decision of studying abroad.

Learn practical applications of the theory concepts

Do you want to study something and apply it in real world scenario while at college level?

The best among the varied features in majority of developed countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia and many of the European countries is that almost every institute deploys a curriculum which is industry centric and inculcates the skills best applicable in various settings of real world. There are various unconventional course options available which leads to entry into a more stable career path in that field; be it a profession of chef, nurse, dancer, photographer or any other.

You can explore student- friendly and different styles of education. Moreover, the research study path is not limited to only doctorate level degree, you can also take up initiative and course of study where you can get involved into researching new developments. With internships being a compulsory part of major courses, students get first-hand experience of the international working styles and practices.

An international degree from a renowned university

Do you want to avoid the disappointed because of missing a cut-off marginally at desired colleges in India?

It is no new fact that in India missing cut-off leads to major distress. A student is either forced to choose an undesired course or a sub-par institute or pay heavy fees to study in interested field. There are many reputed and internationally recognised universities and institutes that you can choose to study from in foreign countries. You do not have to compromise with the quality of education and go out to attend a degree that is not worth for even half of the investment that you have made.

Almost every year, the number of students opting to study abroad from India is clocking at higher rate. Because of vast number of options of institutes available to study, it becomes easier to enrol in a desired degree course which is valuable and imparts useful industry applicable skills. You can study at a globally diverse university or institute by making almost similar or slightly higher investments; the additional experience makes it worthwhile. The admissions processes are comparatively easier. Even if you study at a medium level institute, the standard of education is higher than the institute at same level in India. Moreover, you can choose from certificate level course to diploma to Bachelors to masters to doctorate.

Boost Employability

Do you aim to gain a competitive edge and work at a globally established or well-known firm? Or Do you aim at starting your own venture?

There are no physical boundaries that a business is confined to nowadays. To venture into unknown geographical land, business needs to be powered with people who are understanding towards different cultures, practices and beliefs and can weigh their sensitivity the best. There are ample learning opportunities abroad as there are students hailing from different backgrounds and countries that you get to interact with.

In addition, this boosts your chance of landing better employment. Students with an international degree are more likely to be hired for higher roles to be fulfilled at an organisation. Conversely, if you aim at starting your own business, the exposure to various ways of conducting business and the cultural diversity will mould you in such a way that you will gain clarity about the basic set up and preliminary functions that you want to deploy as well as new ideas for your venture.

Develop inter-personal skills & global perspective

Do you want to develop inter-personal skills and globally applicable professional skills?

You will get to communicate with people who have dissimilar way of expressing or thinking. Tackling various situations that make you uncomfortable is going to polish your inter-personal skills. This will make you a strong and prospective candidate while you go out to apply for jobs at multinational companies.

The likelihood of you getting hired increases as you will possess the global experience and mindset which works in favour of any business when it comes to expansion or supporting operations in multiple countries. It sets you apart from the other candidates and lets you develop your individual personality.

Novel experience- Exposure to new culture and language

Does the idea of experiencing a new culture and learning a new language excite you?

You get an opportunity to study with students from across the globe. You will be fascinated experiencing vast perspective differences. It is the best chance to immerse in the custom, traditions and social atmospheres. This will give you a platform to mature and be more accepting and respectful to diversity and learn that there can be multiple right things and ways of articulating. Overall, you will grow as an individual with wisdom and adaptability quality.

Being in a native language speaking country has altogether different advantage too. You get to know the actual dialect and learn the language closely by incorporating it into daily life. Many of you might be aware that learning a second language inculcates listening skills and boosts memory which also leads to improved decision-making ability and performance in academic areas i.e nothing but overall enriched cognitive skills.

Explore new interests

Do you want to introspect your interests deeper and indulge into other co-curricular activities?

In a foreign destination, you will have chance to interact with people from various walks of life. There are newer interests that you will discover and opportunities to learn new skills.

You can pick new hobbies with your peers that you might never really have thought of. It is possible that you start some new recreational ways which you never even considered to try while you were in India. There will be habits and activities that you would ideally think of as absurd if it were not for witnessing it in a differently evolved land. Additionally, you learn to attain work-life balance and deal with occasional stress in a constructive manner.

Stand out from the crowd

Does it interest you to grab an opportunity to gain diverse set of experience that catalyses your personal development?

As youngster, it is very thrilling to think of being independent and living life on your own terms in an unknown land. At the same time, there is also a faint feeling of fear. However, you will not be really alone; there will be many students just like you from India and different countries whom you can gel with.

The everyday experiences will make you wise and bring the much needed subtleness. You will make mistakes that are worth the learning. You will be tested against various odds and might be tempted to give up but at the same time rebounding and coming out stronger will be more attractive as this life choice will be your creation because you have put your blood and sweat into it.

As you now know, there are enough and more compelling reasons to consider flying abroad to pursue your education. You can set out your requirements and then work out option that best meet them.

There are many destinations that give you the best of both the worlds- Education and life-experience.

Some of the top foreign destinations to study are

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • UK
  • European Countries like Germany, France etc

Although you might have some particular interests, it would rather help to know the major courses offered that have a good review.

Top courses that are in demand:

  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Business Management
  • Pharmacy
  • Nursing
  • Accounting
  • Hospitality

Above mentioned courses are in high demand and the admissions for these courses are available in different intakes. Some institutes have intakes in September only while some have February and May-July intake as well.

This is the time you can take to introspect your desires and dreams and explore the options of studying at some of the best universities or institutes. You can seek advice from family, friends or even professional consultants to help you filter out options and make right choices and apply at preferred university/ institute. Our Experienced Study abroad consultants can help you further to apply for the visa in right manner which can ensure that you do not receive any visa rejections. 

With dedication and determination reaching the destination is certain!

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