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November 19, 2020

Study in Australia: Get a Preview of Holmes Institute & Course Available

The global pandemic has not affected the morale of international students in Australia. Instead, students continue to attend classes online while semesters are on.

As a first time applicant, you can build a career too with the help of the right degree course. Enhance Australian study dreams with several institutions offering scholarships.

One such institution is Holmes Institute that has catered to the needs of thousands of students, since its inception in 2003. Holmes offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Every year, the Institute also offers scholarships to academically deserving students to support their overseas study dream. Holmes has campuses in five cities, with its largest located in CBD Melbourne.

Courses at Holmes: Everything You Need to Know

Does your interest lie in Business, Accounting or Information Technology? If so, you can choose degree courses such as Masters of Information Systems, Masters of Professional Accounting or even opt for a management program, i.e. MBA at Holmes. There are degree courses conducted in cybersecurity-a much sought-after field-as well. Many Australian companies are looking to hire qualified security analysts.

Besides, you can benefit from a two-year study in Australia if you are a Temporary Skilled Graduate 485 visa holder. You would be granted the visa if you completed graduation from an Australian university.

Like Holmes, many institutions across the country provide international students with courses and scholarships. If you are unable to decide how a particular course can help shape your career, it is best to take the advice of Australian education consultants themselves. With their vast expertise and many years of experience, they provide vital tips about universities, courses and scholarships.

Furthermore, international students who want to pursue studies in the country have to fulfil immigration criteria.

In a separate development, the Federal administration as per Australia education & immigration news some months ago decided to resume granting visas for international students lodged in different locations outside the country. This indicates that you must make visa arrangements if you plan to arrive in the country when the borders re-open. Every international student has to ensure that they follow requirements to study in Australia for the grant.

Proper documents certifying previous study, merit and work experience (if any) are required for the student visa application.

What You Need to Watch Out For as an International Student?

  • One of the vital student visa provisions is that you must provide Confirmation of Enrolment document of the university where you enrolled.
  • If you are looking for Australia Permanent Residency, you need to secure good scores in the English language proficiency test.
  • Before you apply for an Australian Student visa, you have to address all issues of Genuine Temporary Entrant. If the case officer finds that the GTE answers you provide are contradictory, you will be denied a visa. Among the questions you need to able to answer without ambiguity include those regarding the purpose of visit, course duration, how it helps you to shape the career and whether or not you will leave for your home country after your studies. Your answers have to be genuine.
  • The officer asks you to provide yearly finance details and if at all you have sufficient amount in hand to support your dependents.
  • Get a radiological or health test done at the earliest. Meeting the health criteria is one of the essential requirements for any student who wants to study in Australia. Besides, you must possess a good character statement.

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Documents You have to Provide:

  • Application form of Australian student visa
  • Applicant’s passport details
  • COE (Certificate of Enrolment) document
  • Yearly finance proofs of yourself and dependents if accompanying
  • OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) proof
  • IELTS/PTE English language test result
  • Photographs
  • Character & Health records

The importance of submitting the right documents cannot be emphasised enough. Every international student has to submit the necessary details and ensure everything is in the right order. Students have a range of options in hand if they want to study in Australia with a scholarship.

For further details on universities, degree courses, scholarships and student visa assistance, please feel free to get in touch with us. Our highly efficient team of Australian education consultants can offer step-by-step help for a hassle-free experience.

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