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December 29, 2020

Australian Study: Why it is Essential to Pursue Vocational Courses

Do you want to specialise in Business and Management, Engineering, Health and Medicine, or Travel and Hospitality in Australia? Which course helps you pursue a career?

If you want to work as a manager, carer, chef or any other professional, you need to choose the right course and career pathways. It is the island nation offering a variety of VET (vocational education and training) courses. A two-year package degree program with hands-on training is beneficial to international students.

On their completion, you can avail excellent career opportunities. Get started with a number of them covering Certificate 3, Certificate 4 and Diploma package programs.

How do VET Courses Help Pursue Studies in Australia?

Every international student has to realise the importance of vocational courses. They are in demand owing to the unforeseen global circumstances and socio-economic factors. Besides, they apply to those whose student visas are expiring and those who want to work in Australia.

With the help of Temporary Graduate Visa-subclass 485, you can enrol them in with different options available for onshore and offshore students. The fact of the matter is that you want to study in Australia and secure employment.

Entry Requirements

Take help of Australia student visa consultants offering assistance. They will ask you to provide documents of a previous qualification such as Year 10 and year 12 and English proficiency test, i.e. IELTS or PTE. You must obtain 5.5 overall in IELTS or equivalent to meet the criteria of vocational education. Each of these documents is part of the study in Australia requirements that you must submit at the earliest.

Besides, international students have to submit academic proofs of secondary or higher secondary. There are, however, specific courses wherein an individual has to provide requirements for work experience. Even if you want to study art and design, you must provide portfolio details.

At best, you can discuss with our team of experts about study in Australia with scholarship details, fees, English language proficiency criteria, admission dates and other specifications.

Vocational Program Duration

If you want to pursue a VET course, you should undertake a two-year package program that mainly comprises a 52-week Certificate 3. Whereas, both Certificate 4 and Diploma program runs for six months each. You can also gain practical experience with the right skills.

Average Tuition Fees

As an international student, you have to shell out anywhere between AUD 8000- $10,000 per year. It is part of the study in Australia cost details. But, you need to spend more if it is a higher-level program.

Description of VET Programs

Several institutions across Australia offer to study in tourism, computing, marketing, hospitality and business. Some of the popular ones are cookery, automotive, fabrication and carpentry.

At the same time, there are several diploma programs. These include Diploma of Business if you want to work as a Business Manager, Certificate III or IV in Commercial Cookery for those aspiring to become a chef, and diploma/advance diploma programs available for communication professionals and Telecommunications Engineers. Besides, there is a Diploma of Leadership & Management that helps you to become a supervisor.

Some Education Pathways

Similarly, some VET courses are comprising Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma. Each of them provides higher education pathway to international students. They not only help international students meet entry criteria but also provide credit towards popular courses covering higher education.

Let’s cite an instance. Those students who have completed graduation with a diploma are likely to receive 2-3 semesters of credit towards a particular bachelor’s degree. In other words, you are granted the credit based on institution, degree and completion of a VET qualification.

If you are stuck with confusion, it is better to check with our education consultants about pathways, credit arrangements with institutions etc.

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Other Details You Like to Know

  • Difference Between VET and Higher Education Courses?;
    VET courses in particular focus on providing practical skills, whereas higher education and university ones provide theoretical knowledge. Besides, VET also consists of a wide range of qualifications and streams.

  • What is the Importance of Vocational Courses?:
    It is these courses that help international students gain essential skills as per the requirements of the current job market.

In hindsight, it is our experts offering guidance by which you can pursue a career of your choice and choose the right degree program as per the Australian economy. If you want assistance on VET courses, eligibility criteria, and student visa, feel free to approach our best consultants for Australia study visa now.

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