Aussizz steps into Thirteenth Successful Year this January 17
January 23, 2021

Aussizz steps into Thirteenth Successful Year this January 17

Aussizz Group continues to take steps closer to its success and has added many feathers in its cap. It has scripted immigration and education history due to the resilience and commitment of its strong workforce.

January 17 is special for all the Aussizzians, and every staff member made their presence felt by participating in celebrating these 12 successful years. It was a proud moment for all of them.

Embarking on a long journey for more than a decade now, the Group founded in 2009 made strong inroads in visa and education consultancy services.

With its mission and vision, the Group has facilitated student’s and professionals’ needs to fulfill their dream of studying and settling abroad. It had left no stone unturned when it came to offering them different Australia, New Zealand, and Canada visa services. Its motto-to offer benchmark services without compromising on quality.

Then and Now

It was the dedication and commitment that speak volumes. The journey began with challenges and big dreams, and a vision to be among the top service providers for education and immigration. In 2009, Aussizz Group started its journey with the first branch in Ahmedabad, and it was Melbourne in 2010. In the subsequent years, step by step, Aussizz kept growing, and within these 12 years, it has spread its wings across Australia, India, Dubai with 25 branches.

Today, Aussizz has a full-fledged workforce of almost half a thousand employees. Since its inception in 2009, it has been fulfilling the needs of international students and skilled professionals. It went a step further in meeting the expectations of those who want to study in Canada and the UK.


Aussizz is recognised for having a team of 29 MARA Agents, who have been working towards the company’s growth and with every step achieving the company’s vision. It is also led by GetMyPolicy.onlineIELTSPTE, and CCL tutors and coaches, education consultants, and the IT team. The team is competent with the latest technology and its trends.


The Group has forayed its operations in education and immigration and diversified its operations in other sectors, i.e., Aussizz Travels, PTE Voucher, Professional Year program, PTE training, IELTS, and CCL training.

Some Excerpts by Reputed Universities in Australia

“Both onshore and offshore Aussizz teams are fantastic from start to finish of each intake. They have simplified and made the process very professional in terms of recruitment. Aussizz team is well prepared, organized, friendly and supportive with day to day tasks and operation.” – Business Development Manager (Subcontinent), Torrens University

“During the short time Charles Darwin University (CDU) has been working with Aussizz Group, we have been most impressed by Aussizz management and counselor team’s professionalism and organization. Our partnership is little more than one year in the making; Aussizz has sent many quality applications and genuine students to CDU. Communication between management, counseling, and admissions has been open and smooth. Aussizz thoroughly understands the application process, and as applications are highly organized, the applications are easy for admissions to process quickly.” – CDU.

“Aussizz has excellent social media presence, and they have engaged with CDU for many wells attended Facebook Live sessions. Through their recruitment channels, Aussizz has been an active agent, and through their GTE processes and management, they are quickly becoming one of the top agents to CDU. ” – Regional Marketing Manager, Charles Darwin University

“I think the live sessions with Aussizz are productive. Since you will have such a large viewership, your team’s collaborative marketing activities help reinforce our brand in the potential market. Look forward to more partnership in the future.” – Regional Manager, Kaplan Business School

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