Know how it makes you smarter
April 17, 2020

Take notes! Know how it makes you smarter?

Note-taking doesn’t seem to be an important habit. Often people either feel it outdated or feel too lazy to do it. But what if someone told you that note-taking makes you smarter?

You might laugh it and let go. But it is true that note-taking makes you smarter and takes you way ahead of others. Wonder how? Keep Reading, and automatically, everything will fall in place.

Helps You Improve Memory Power with PTE Exam & IELTS Exam

Yes! You read it right; it enables you to improve your memory power. It is observed that those who have the habit of taking notes remember the thing for a longer time than who do not have the habit of taking notes.

The other thing is that when you hear, read something and make notes you tend to understand the meaning better and as you write the Keywords and keypoints, it helps you connect them in a better way. Once you instil this habit, you will see that you have started remembering more.

You wouldn’t deny that there has been incidence where while recollecting something which you have read you will for once imagine it to be written somewhere at the top or bottom of the page and you read it.

Reduce the Rate of Forgetting Things

“I have read it somewhere, but I do not remember where exactly.”

The above statement is often a situation that most of us have faced or we have seen people facing it. You might even recollect that when you were a child, your teacher often suggested you write and practice. Those who followed the advice have made it a habit of taking notes and are the one who forgets things rarely.

As a human brain runs through a large number of thoughts in the entire day, there happens to be some gap/crack through which some important thing might slip out of your mind.

But if you have made a note of it, you can refer back to it at any time, and it will help you recollect things easily. Especially when you take the habit of making an organised note and use it or share it often, then the rate of remembering becomes higher and your chances of forgetting gets minimal.

Notes on Computer or Hand-written Notes?

Technology no doubt has eased our life and have changes the ways we deal life with; and that the point where many of us tend to use a computer or mobile device to take notes.

But it is not efficient and compelling enough to have an impact on you for a longer time. The best way to connect to any topic you read is to writing the notes by yourself, or hand-written notes are the one that leaves the impact for a longer time.

Helps You Improve Your Score

If you remember, when you were a student, you often asked the toppers for their notes, and you would have observed them scoring better than you. The only thing that differentiated you two is the habit of note-taking.

Yes! Note-taking improves your ability to recall the information, and it also helps you apply knowledge.

How Do You Take Useful Notes?

It is the most common question that should strike your mind if you have come this far reading this blog.

Experiment. Yes! The experiment is the best way to understand the importance of taking notes. Read two different topics. Take notes for one article and just give a reading to the other. Then after a day or two try remembering both the topics, and you will observe that the topic for which you made the notes is the one you remember more.

The other way to take useful notes is to follow these steps while taking notes:

  • Categorise: You can make different categories for the topics and make notes under them.
  • Collect: Try collecting as much information as you can and make a note of it.
  • Curate & Comprehend: Give your notes a proper format and use the connecting words that will help you to connect the information at any time.
  • Connect: Connect with whatever you write, think and imagine it. You will remember it for a long.


By now, you have understood the importance of taking the notes. But some of you might still be puzzling about where to use this habit. Well, if you are a professional start taking notes for every meeting you have; it will help you connect better the next time, and you can check the timely progress of your work.

If you are a student who wish to study abroad or an aspirant who want to settle overseas; and have registered yourself for the English language skill tests like PTEIELTS etc. This note-taking habit which experts will even suggest you adopt is impactful for a longer time.

As an Overseas Education Consultants Aussizz Group is one such example where the expert tutors for IELTS and PTE suggest you the same.

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