April 20, 2020

Looking to Study in the US? Know Why Students Prefer Saint Michael’s College?

An international student going overseas expects an excellent supporting and nurturing environment, and Saint Michael’s College seems to fulfil all the requirements.

SMC (Saint Michaels) is a four year private, residential, liberal arts university located at Colchester, Burlington in Vermont, US. SMC intakes for each semester are 170 students & faculties that are from 40 countries.

Various Reasons Make SMC One of the Best Options to Study Like:

  • Sceneries and Outdoor Activities
    The Colchester city is home to 14000 college students that come to study every year. Apart from the best scenic views of green mountains, certain outdoor activities keep up the zeal and excitement amongst these students.

    On weekends, the students can go exploring hiking, kayaking, swimming, rock climbing, fishing and many other adventure activities.

  • SMC Celebrates Multiculture
    As the students in SMC are from different countries and have different cultural beliefs, SMC makes sure to celebrate every culture and include all the international students along with them.

    The Students and Faculty & Staff encourages and supports every student for different cultural activities. This works as an ice-breaker and makes the transition between the faculty and students easier.

  • SMC gives a warm Welcome
    During the orientation program for the international students; they are taken to a campus tour and are introduces to all the services like academic, student life, housing, banking, immigration and much more to make the students more confident and comfortable.

  • SMC Community Celebrates Diversity
    SMC celebrates diversity and helps to discover prospective, traditions of different students. And create a warm, inviting environment for all. It respects all the racial & ethnic identities of everyone and doesn’t discriminate based on gender, age, religion, language, geographic origin.

  • Excellent Support from faculty and staff
    The staff and faculty of SMC are very dedicated, and with 2000 students, they make up a compact community that supports every student. They work to develop engaging ideas and discipline among the students for a better understanding of the world. The faculty and staff are particular and caring & thoughtful about what and how the students learn new things.

    Every 12 students, there is a faculty to make sure that each student gets better care, personalised attention and doesn’t fear for their growth. Every course that is being taught at SMC is by a professor, not the supporting faculty to give them an experience of experts guidance. The students are also guided in deciding what they should be doing with their professional lives.

    To make a student a better human, the SMC involves all of them into service-oriented activities.

  • Excellent Academic Standards and Honours Program
    SMC offers 36 major courses including STEM, Social Studies, Humanities, bachelors in Administration, Pre-law and Pre-med courses. SMC not only focuses on academic teaching but also develop their critical thinking skills, writing skills, communication skills and problem-solving skills.

    Before the students finish their course, the college put them in various internships and appropriate work opportunities for experiencing what the world is and to get used to professional lives.

    SMC is an affordable college which moreover provides with scholarship worth half of their tuition fees which gets renewed every year.

    SMC honours program can be attained in 5 different specialisation and students stand a chance to conduct research with faculties and a chance to live in Honours Housing. Among the 280 institutions, SMC is the honour society that provides “Phi Beta Kappa”, and it is a part of the national honour society.


If you are looking to study in USA in such a beautiful, nurturing environment that respects all the culture and keep the students with diversity together, you must look for Saint Michael’s College standards. Know more about Saint Michael’s College, the more you will know the more you would want to study in this college.

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