New Brunswick PNP Skilled Worker with Employer Support

If an applicant gets an opportunity to work permanently and full-time with an employer based out of New Brunswick, they might find this stream of NBPNP, of great help.

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Here are the requirements that such potential immigrant will have to take into account, as well as follow through:

  • The applicant must have all the necessary licenses, certification, and the required educational qualification for the job they’ve been offered.
  • Their education should include at least a high school diploma.
  • The applicant should be able to state their intention to reside permanently in the province.
  • The applicant should be able to show a decent proficiency in either French, or English, so that it becomes clear, they can handle their job duties without language being a barrier. If the person is in a semi-skilled or a low-skilled job, they would have to take a test, mandatorily, to showcase they have at least a basic level of language proficiency.
  • Applicants below the age of 22 and above 55 years of age, will not be able to qualify.
  • The selection points grid of the candidate should have no less than 50 as the score.
  • The employer from New Brunswick, who offers a job to an applicant, should have been operating out of the province for no less than a year.
  • If the job offered to the applicant has an NOC level C or D, they will have to show they worked for at least a year for that same employer, before they apply for Provincial Nominee Program.

These are certain additional requirements, but for the employer to make them eligible to offer a job under PNP:

  • The employer will have to show how they were not able to find a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident to fill the position they later offered to a foreign national, under PNP.
  • Every requirement, with regards to the wages and other standards of employment, must be complied with.