How to Extend Australia Student Visa
May 11, 2021

Top 5 Steps to Know How to Extend Australia Student Visa

Three months before your student visa ends, every international student has to visit the Australian immigration authority for an extension. Plan in advance as the visa is bound to expire as renewing it is not simple. You have to abide by the different rules and regulations similar to how you applied for it in the beginning. Keep all documents ready.

The Details You Provide to the Immigration Authority are:

  • Passport copy,
  • Previous visas,
  • Confirmation of Enrolment letter of the university you enrolled in,
  • Degree certificates,
  • Student visa documents, and
  • Overseas health cover

Each of these details is important for applicants who study in Australia. Along with these, international students have to meet the criteria of Genuine Temporary Entrant alongside submitting finance statements. With the help of the best Australian education consultants, several of your queries can be solved when the issue in hand is about the extension of a student visa or reapplying on time.

The Top 5 Steps for Australia Student Visa Extension

  • Step-1: Enrol:
    Either-wise, you cannot afford to skip the course nor leave midway. It is important you get a student visa extension in Australia. The sole method for the extension is to approach the authority by submitting COE (Confirmation of Enrolment). CoE is an important document wherein you have to attach it with your student visa application. The course you registered in has to be CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions of Course for Overseas Students).

  • Step-2: OSHC & Health Examination:
    It is mandatory for you to have health insurance. Extend OSHC policy before the expiry of student visa. It doesn’t end at the insurance. If you had a health checkup a year ago, you need to provide details of another set of health examinations. Get your health checkup underway. The authority will approve only those records that are latest.

  • Step-3: Visa Documents:
    Start organizing important documents. These include health examinations, OSHC, and Confirmation of Enrolment details. As an onshore applicant, you want to renew your student visa application. As part of the student visa extension fee, every applicant has to shell an extra $700. It is advisable to prepare every supporting document.

    Some of the Student Visa Details Include:
    • Identity proof of the applicant
    • Birth certificate
    • Passport identity page
    • Household registration book pages
    • Curriculum Vitae

  • Step-4: Genuine Temporary Entrant:
    The most important segment for Australian visa extension is to meet GTE criteria. Broadly, it is a written statement that consists of:
    • Purpose of studyStudy duration and benefitsCircumstances in the home countryPotential circumstances in the island nationFamily annual incomeStudent yearly expenses

    The onus is on you to explain immigration officer about the course structure and its benefits. Some of the other details are home country circumstances, personal introduction, political and economic situation, why you were not looking elsewhere but to study in Australia, and how a particular course shapes your career.

    GTE details do not end here. It consists of how a particular course enhances skills, list of education providers, course duration, intake, salary structure, and job prospects in the future.

  • Step-5: Submit Student Visa Application:
    All it takes is to provide the immigration department with application details. Apply online with the Department of Home Affairs taking cognizance of your file.

    In other words, submit it on your Immi Account. After lodging a student visa application, the Department provides you with a letter of acknowledgment alongside a Bridging Visa copy is attached. In case you feel insecure, it is the BVB that protects your interests and enables you to stay legally.

    Last but not least, you can have cross correspondence with the DHA so that you get fresh visa updates, etc. 

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Key Takeaways

The Department verifies all details carefully before your student visa to Australia is renewed. Beforehand, you can check emails and wait for approval.

What to do if your student visa expired? If you are an onshore applicant, you can remain in the country legally on BVA. The bridging visa is meant for the stipulated time till your visa is processed and comes into effect from the time the student visa expires.

Apply for Bridging Visa B in case you seek permission to travel. An applicant can benefit from BVB through Immi Account. If you are applying outside Australia, you can wait till a student visa is granted before you enter the country.


In a nutshell, crosscheck your application with the aforementioned details. Are you an onshore or offshore applicant?

Follow the simple procedures that will govern the entire process and help you to secure the visa on time. Interact with our resourceful panel of Australian immigration consultants for any query on student visa, processing time, and other formalities.

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