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February 04, 2021

Top 7 Challenges for International Students Who Study in Australia

The island nation is neither alien nor inhospitable to international students. Before moving to Australia, you are confronted with a different set of challenges. These include seeking approval from an education institution, Genuine Temporary Entrant, language proficiency test, scholarship, switching to a new course, language barrier, etc.

If one of them is neglected, they can create a dent and impact study careers. It is thus important to choose the right course from the start.

The onus is on these individuals to search for the right education consultants. The experts can be of great help right from processing your application for a student visa to Australia to helping decide on the study pathway.

Challenges Faced by International Students in Australia are:

  • Admission Criteria:
    One of the challenges faced by international students pertains to admission criteria. You will be denied a visa if you fail to provide a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) letter of the educational institution or university. Approach the right consultants for COE help and other academic details as you are unaware of the stringent Australian immigration procedures. They crosscheck every detail on your behalf. You have to attest set of documents as well.

  • Genuine Temporary Entrant:
    It is GTE written statement that cannot be left incomplete. The case officer scrutinizes your answers to the lengthy questions. The questions define the purpose of study in Australia, why enroll in a particular course, duration, etc. The other questions are that you are on a temporary visit or prefer to stay permanently, how it helps to build a career, description of family finances and yearly expenses, and would you leave for your home country on completion of studies. Make no mistake of cheating the case officer with vague answers. There are chances that your student visa application can get rejected.

  • English Language Proficiency Test Details:
    Every university or institution evaluates student’s performance through the English language proficiency test. It is a standard procedure you have to follow. Two of the prominent tests that are in demand in Australia are IELTS or PTE. Obtain a good band in IELTS or perfect points in PTE for Permanent Residency. You can claim 20 points for Permanent Residency, and if need be, you can enhance study in Australia prospects through scholarships.

  • Finances:
    Are you dependent or independent, and if you can manage yearly finances or not? As an international student, you need to specify details by which you meet expenses. Make it a point to show finance details, and explain the authority that you can meet lodging expenses in the island nation. Even if you have family members accompanying you, you have to provide details that you support their stay.

  • Documentation:
    Many a time, students end up submitting wrong transcripts despite student visa Australia application details correctly filled. Leave the task to the education consultants who from scratch evaluate all records. If they find the details missing, they will inform you at the earliest. Make sure you fill in academic details by attesting different documents. Your documentation includes passport copy, identity proof, academic records, GTE statement, COE letter, and finance proofs.

  • Switching to a Different Course:
    You must give valid reasons why you want to switch to a different course. It is termed as one of the common challenges for international students often. At the same time, foreign students need to give a proper reason as to why they intend to switch to a different course. It is the university that needs to explain in a letter as to the reason for students intending to switch to a new course.

  • Language Barrier:
    The majority of international students face hardships while conversing in the English language with the native population. The Australian accent is not easy and it becomes difficult to understand and speak. For this reason, one has to clear the English language proficiency test to get a student visa.

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In a nutshell, each of these points is important to overcome challenges while studying abroad. Interact with our education consultants in Australia now for further details on a student visa, course specifications, and other details.

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