Top 6 Courses that Boost Canada Permanent Residency Prospects in 2022

Waiting time to process your student visa to Canada under the Student Direct Stream (SDS) program has been shortened to 45 days. Initiated by the country authorities, the program has been welcomed by every international student. It is also available to those opting for post-secondary courses especially those applying to 40-odd colleges across Canada.

Now, students can capitalise on different opportunities after completion of their undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate degree courses. On completion of top courses to study in Canada, they can also avail Permanent Residency (PR) benefits with students enrolling in different courses. Canada is often described as among the most hospitable countries to accommodate large student population.

Two lists of courses benefit these students. Study in Canada happens to be the first list whereby students can obtain degrees from prestigious universities, whereas the other list helps them become citizens of the country through PR courses in Canada. On completion of degree programs, students get jobs in top companies and start-up firms across the country.


Top Courses Fetching Them Jobs are Enumerated Below:

  1. Master of Business Administration

    Master of Business Administration (MBA) is described as a top course with majority of aspirants eyeing decent employment. Since MBA jobs are listed in skill shortage occupation list, many can benefit from Banking, Management Consultant, Investment Finance jobs. Management consulting jobs also feature in skill shortage list of Canadian administration.

  2. IT & Computer Science

    Another course attracting great attention is Information Technology (IT) and engineering and computer science. After completion of the course, these students are recruited in top jobs with slated positions available for IT software engineers and project managers in different fields-from project management to software development.

  3. Finance & Business

    A degree in Finance opens doors for many job aspirants who want to understand functions as well as applications of financial markets. Economics is one of the subjects where students receive formal training to forecast the economy especially Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Broking, Asset Management, Investment Management, Banking, Insurance and Accounting are the best jobs available.

  4. Engineering Management & Core Engineering

    Preferred job opportunities for engineers lie in Central Canada region. Even Toronto attracts jobs in this field due to the presence of its manufacturing sector. Apart from Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Edmonton are described as the most active markets. Civil, Mechanical, Electrical-Electronics, Chemical and Engineering Management are among recommended jobs attracting many aspirants.

  5. Medicine, Biosciences and Healthcare

    Pursuing degree programs in Medicine, Bioscience and Healthcare in the short-run are recommended for skilled and highly qualified professionals. The composite study in this stream attracts aspirants with different jobs ranging from biotechnology, biological sciences, pharmacy, nursing to dentistry among others.

  6. Media & Journalism

    One of the most diverse fields, a degree in Media & Journalism enables students to get recruited in Public Relations, Advertising, Journalism and Marketing fields. Digital Marketing and digital and interactive design are other fields providing opportunities to students.

The aforementioned courses are some of the many courses students benefit in the short-run. To avail PR benefits, a student has to undergo different PR listed courses which include Canadian Experience Class, the Quebec Experience Class and Provincial Nominee Programs.

  • Canadian Experience Class

    Students who studied in accredited post-secondary school on a full-time basis for two years are eligible to apply for the program. He has to obtain educational credential post his study completion on a Canadian campus. Besides, he is entitled to the program if he has a work experience of one-year full-time skilled position.

  • Quebec Experience Class

    Students can directly enrol in the program as there is no need for work experience if they studied in Quebec and completed either a Vocational, Bachelor’s/Masters or PhD degree.
  • Provincial Nomination Programs

    Several provinces in Canada especially Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and others have programs for international students particularly those who graduated from the post-secondary program in the country. Some of these programs in these provinces will require a job offer or work experience enabling candidates to receive Permanent Residency faster compared to other PR list courses.

To sum up, Canada is the favoured destination for students who want to either enrol in a graduation or post-graduation degree program in different streams thereby seeking ample job opportunities. Majority of students planning to settle in the country have to comply with rules and regulations enforced by different territories/provinces across the country.

How Canadian Student Visa Benefits You and What are Provisions Attached with Canada Express Entry?

Adapt to the kind of study program benefitting you, desired jobs awaiting you and courses in Canada for Permanent Residency benefitting you. Aussizz Group will help you avail benefits in the country termed as an attractive destination for study, job and immigration prospects.

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