Differences between 186 189, and 190 Visas
September 19, 2022

What Differentiates Visas 186, 189, And 190 From One Another? Please Find Out.

These days, Australian job market needs more competent foreign employees. Recent notification from the Department of Home Affairs stated that the migration program for 2020-2021 will continue into 2021-2022 and will give better work opportunities to the candidates applying under the skill stream.

It has come as a welcome development for many individuals at this time when the economy is reviving from the stroke of the pandemic. If you are an aspirant, you can avail the benefits to work and stay in Australia with 160,000 visa spaces available.

However, the question that most individuals are looking to get an answer to is which are the main skilled visas. A majority of aspirants prefer the Employer-Sponsored and General Skilled Migration visa programs. Some of the important ones are Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186, Skilled Independent subclass 189, and 190 Nominated Visa.

At the same time, the different General Skilled Migration visas help an individual secure a Permanent Residency pathway.

Before going any further, it is vital to understand the differences between these visas, validity, processing time, and eligibility criteria.

The Following Differences in Skilled Visas in Australia are:

  • Employer Nomination Scheme Visa
    Employer Nomination Scheme subclass 186 enables applicants to get selected by an Australian employer. You can work only if the employer sponsors you.

    As far as the criteria of Employer Sponsored Visa 186 is concerned, you should be less than 45 years and meet the necessary qualifications and skills to become a valid employee. Besides, you need to clear the English language proficiency test, or else you will not be allowed to apply for a GSM visa Skilled Independent Visa.

    Three of the important streams in the 186 visa are Labour Agreement Stream, Temporary Residence Transition Stream, and Direct Entry Stream.

  • Skilled Independent Visa
    The subclass 189 Skilled Independent visa is one of the visas included in the GSM category.

    It applies to those talents who can secure the subclass 189 visa on their merit without the help of an employer or a state or territory.

    The applicant for the visa must meet the requirements of knowledge and abilities. Additionally, he must manage a job.

    The applicant must also pass the English language test and be under 45 years old.

    If you wish to be eligible for the visa, you must score at least 65 points.

  • Skilled Nominated Visa
    Another type of GSM visa is the Skilled Nominated 190 visa. There are many similarities between subclass 190 and subclass 189 as far as requirements are concerned. In contrast to subclass 189, the Nominated Visa allows the employer to select the candidate from any Australian territory or state. For an invitation, the candidate must perform well on the English proficiency test and score at least 65 points.

Validity of Visas

From the date of its validation, Subclass 186 allows an individual to live and work continuously in Australia. The same is applicable for subclass 189 and 190 visas, which permit holders to enter and remain in Australia indefinitely as of the date of confirmation.


Only those subclass 189 Skilled Independent applicants whose professions are on the Priority Migration Skilled Occupations List receive nearly 65 points (PMSOL). PMSOL and labour market testing are the bases for the sponsorship of skilled workers. They can go back to Australia to fill positions in the essential sectors. This will support both the recovery of the Australian economy and the development of new jobs there.

However, if your profession is on the MLTSSL (Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List), you must receive 90 to 100 points to be invited to subclass 189.

Processing Times

Under the Direct Entry Stream and Temporary Residence Transition Stream, the processing times for subclass 186 visas are 12 months and 8 months, respectively, for 75% of applications.

While the wait times for the Direct Stream and Temporary Residence Stream are 19 months and 16 months, respectively, for 90 per cent of applications.

However, the processing period for 190 visas is essentially identical to that for subclass 189.

The processing of 75% of both visa applications takes six months.


In a summary, talented professionals can get employment rights and benefits of permanent residency through employer sponsored and general skilled migration visas.

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