September 13, 2022

OccuSearch – Check Skilled Occupation Eligibility for Australia Immigration

As a mobile app, OccuSearch is revolutionary for prospective migrants in helping them make informed decisions regarding their migration journey. Its features have helped bring clarity into their lives and to keep them well informed.

To better understand the usefulness of the app, have a look at the informative Q/A session below!

Sherry Philips Melay:

Welcome everyone, to today’s podcast on OccuSearch we have with us today Dhruval, Patel Research Analyst. Thank you for your time today through. Well, how are you?

Dhruval Patel:

I’m very good Sherry Philips Melay. Thanks, for having me here.

I’m really excited to discuss Aussizz Group’s newest app, OccuSearch and how we are helping individuals move a step closer to their migration dreams with that app.

Sherry Philips Melay:

That is indeed very exciting to hear, and I’m glad we could get you on this podcast. To start off, how would you explain what exactly is OccuSearch? And who is it made for?

Dhruval Patel:

OK, so OccuSearch is a mobile application that helps individuals search their skilled occupation using it’s specific ANZSCO code or the occupation name.

And find out crucial information such as immigration eligibility, State nomination criteria, EOI statistics, assessing authority details and much more.

It also helps users to calculate their points and estimate visa fees for various subclasses, and there are many other small features as well.

Meanwhile, the app is designed considering the end users who are ideally the prospective migrants looking to understand the permanent residency pathways to Australia. These could be those who are temporary residents in Australia, international students or in general people from offshore, who are looking to migrate to Australia on a permanent residence basis.

So for those falling in this category, OccuSearch can be helpful in many ways.

Sherry Philips Melay:

It is quite incredible to see an app like that which doesn’t exist in the market as of yet and could be of great help to many potential migrants. What would you say are the main features of OccuSearch?

Dhruval Patel:

So, in our first release we have tried to cover the basic aspects. Firstly, we have a migration news area that is updated in real time.

Then we have the ANZSCO occupation search feature where you can look at the occupation that are on the skilled list of Australian Department of Immigration.

The third feature would be the visa fees calculator, which helps individuals plan their finances in advance and then the point test calculator, which can be crucial for those who are hoping to understand where they are currently standing in the bigger picture.

Sherry Philips Melay:

That’s fantastic to hear, but I’m sure our listeners would love for you to go in depth. I see you listed down a couple of features, so just for the benefit of our users, could you please explain how the migration update section works show?

Dhruval Patel:

So, what traditionally individuals used to is that they used to go on different websites and look up the information and then try and keep a tab of that.

But, that is very tiresome and it’s very time consuming. So what we did is. We are monitoring those websites and the official sources for the users now. And whenever there is an update, we post that update into the application in real time.

So, it’s easy for the users. They can just scroll through that migration update section in the application and just keep a track of what are the changes happening in the migration industry as in like; if there are any changes with the skill assessment authorities, if there are any changes with the state nomination criteria, if their selected occupation is there or if there are new options available for their state nomination pathways or not so everything comes down in one place in terms of updates, so it’s easy for the user to just go to one place.

And then research or keep a tab of whatever changes are occurring. The other thing is that we are a big believer of transparency.

So what we do is every update that we post, we give them a link to the source of the update that we are getting it from.

So if they have any issues or if they want to read more or if they want to research more on that change they can. Then, just click on the link and they can go to the source of the website of the update and they can find more information on it.

OccuSearch strip

Sherry Philips Melay:

OK, I see how important the migration update section could be for someone trying to get more information in real time. Could you also speak a little bit more about the occupation search feature you were talking about earlier?

Dhruval Patel:

Sure, so the occupation search offers the user the ability to search via the occupation code that they have the skill assessment in, or just the occupation name as well.

So, if you know that you are a software engineer, or if you’re a registered nurse, or if you are a solicitor, then you can just type in that keyword of your occupation and you will be able to search your occupation.

And based on the ANZSCO code, what we do is, we categorise the state nomination information plus the Visa eligibility information and a lot more other subtle factors that you need to consider into your migration pathway, like assessing authority fees, processing time and all the other information, which I wouldn’t say is very important in the bigger picture, but when you boil it down to the pathway or the process, it’s very important to take into consideration how much time your nomination application would take and factor that into your whole process, whenever you are planning your migration to Australia.

So, what we do is – we offer the user to search via their occupation name, ANZSCO code, and then once they type in, we display the information such as visa Eligibility, State nomination Pathways and eligibility’s available for their occupation and we also display if they’re eligible for that state nomination pathway or not based on their occupation and the last thing would be the other factors.

As I mentioned earlier, assessing authority fees and processing time and everything is also linked to that occupation, which is much more helpful for the user when it comes to planning the whole thing.

Sherry Philips Melay:

All right, I can see how our listeners could find those features quite useful, especially for their own migration journeys. Does OccuSearch also have any other helpful tools within it?

Dhruval Patel:

Yes it does, so we also give visa fees calculator and point test calculator. So I would say point test calculator is important when you’re applying for a GSM visa which is a general skilled migration visa. Probably 189, 190 and 491. You have to take a points test and then lodge your EOI.

So points test is important because the higher the points you score, the faster you will get an invite.

But it is sometimes hard for the user to find out or remember how many points they score, and sometimes they don’t really have an access to migration agent or anyone that they can go back to and then find out if they have changed.

Let’s say their education has changed or they have more experience now. So what we do is in the point test calculator.

It’s a very user friendly interface. You just got to select the appropriate response to the questions that are asked and at the end of it you will be able to know what points you score and based on that you can share it with your friends. You can share it with your migration agents or you can just post it on Social media websites.

And the other part would be visa fees. Now in Australia, visa fees are something that one needs to take into account when planning their migration because legal cost of the visa application, would be a big factor in terms of the financial planning that someone needs to do. So what we do is.

You select the visa option in there, what visa you want to apply for and then you answer the relevant questions and at the end you will be able to find out the tentative fees that you would be looking at to pay when you’re lodging the application now we also have some other small features coming in soon, such as funds calculator, which is a big question for a lot of student visa applicants. A lot of student visa applicants think oh, if you are applying for this visa or this course.

How much funds do I need to show?

So we are trying to develop that at the moment and also a currency converter.

We are hoping that a lot of our users are not based in Australia, so we are trying to integrate our currency calculator so they can get an approximate idea of how much money they will have to spend when they are trying to migrate to Australia.

Sherry Philips Melay:

Thank you so much for that insight Dhruval Patel, could our users also reach out to the team at Aussizz Group for more information.

Dhruval Patel:

So on the app we also have a way for the students and migrants to connect directly with Aussizz Group and its other products.

We often get these questions so they can head directly into the app’s contact us section and reach out to our 25+ branches. They can also get information about our other apps such as PTE Tutorials, CCL Tutorials.

IELTS Tutorials, for their preparation purposes in the Other Products section of our app?

Sherry Philips Melay:

I see, do you also have a message to those who are using the app or planning on downloading it?

Dhruval Patel:

I would recommend everyone to go ahead and download the app and to use it.

This has been an exciting project for us and can have a huge effect on the migration journey of individuals.

We are also planning on further enhancing the app to include more useful tools that will improve its functionality for our community.

We also have an option to refer a friend. I urge everyone to give the app a go and you would then be more than happy to refer it.

It will be really helpful for us as well as justify our efforts to improve the experience of everyone.

Sherry Philips Melay:

Thank you so much for that Dhruval Patel and for joining us today and enlightening us on the benefits of OccuSearch, I’ll be going ahead and giving it a go right now and I ask all our listeners to do the same. See you all until the next time.


We hope the Q/A session has been informative for our readers. Our mobile app for OccuSearch is available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. For more information or to download the app, please click this link: OccuSearch.

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