Ontario PNP Corporate Stream

It was in the year 2015, when this stream was introduced to the OPNP. It seeks to support and establish corporations from around the world, who might intend to expand their business in Ontario. Through this stream, people from abroad, who work with international companies, holding a high level position there, can either open or buy a business in here, and therefore gain eligibility to be nominated for permanent residency.

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The following are the requirements that will need to be satisfied, before a foreign national can participate in this program, and immigrate to the province:

  • The company in question should be ready to invest no less than $5 million in the already existing or new business they intend to operate in Ontario.
  • At least 5 full-time and permanent positions would have to be created for the permanent residents or citizens of Canada, for every applicant that gets a nomination under this stream.
  • Only those people might be able to secure a nomination, who still work with this foreign company, and are in a key position to set up the whole operation in the province.
  • The people working in this company, who get a nomination, will have two years of time to show they are proficient enough in English.
  • This company should be a well-established one, and have a decent track record for at least over the last 3 years.

Prior to obtaining a nomination through this stream for a PR, the main employees of this company can get themselves Temporary Work Permits, from CIC. This will give them two years before being permanent residents, allowing them build the operation for this business.

There will be a Performance Agreement established by the immigration authorities, outlining the various commitments with respect to performance, and also the time frames to set up the enterprise. To get a provincial nomination successfully, the applicants, that is the major staff members, will have to meet each of the commitments.

For every business that is established under this stream in Ontario, there can be 5 staff members at the maximum who can get a nomination.