Ontario PNP Human Capital Priorities Stream

For applicants from the Express Entry pool, who have the precise skills, education, and work experience, amongst other things, that the provincial market of Ontario is looking for, they might find this stream gives them a fair chance at getting a Canadian PR. Applicants with a CRS score of no less than 400 points will be considered by the authorities, and will stand a chance to receive a Notification of Interest (NoI) from them.

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Whoever receives such a notification, will have 45 days ahead of them, in order to submit their application to this OPNP stream.

For a potential immigrant to qualify under this stream, they would need to satisfy every criterion listed below:

  • The applicant must have Bachelor’s, or Master’s, or their Doctorate from a college or university in Canada; on the off chance that they’d have studied abroad, they’ll be required to present an ECA report confirming their education has been an equivalent to that in Canada.
  • The proficiency, in reading, writing, listening, and speaking, either French, or English, should be high for the applicant. They should have earned a score of CLB 7, in a test which is recognized by the provincial government as fit enough to check one’s language skills.
  • Every applicant would be needed to have at least a yearlong full-time or an equal paid part time (1560 hours) job experience, within 5 years till they receive an NoI from the province, in an occupation listed as an NOC 0, A, or B. If the applicant wishes to get an assessment against the criteria of Canada Experience Class, they would need a year or more of cumulative employment experience, either full-time, or an equivalent part-time experience, within the past 3 years instead of 5.
  • The minimum CRS score under the Federal Express Entry required by an applicant would have to be at the east 400; and this score should be maintained throughout the federal as well as provincial processing.
  • It should be clear to the authorities, that the applicant has the intention to work and permanently reside in Ontario.
  • Every applicant under this stream, would be required to have sufficient funds to both move as well as settle in the province, and they’d need to submit a proof of the same via valid documents, including their bank statements.