Ontario PNP International Students Category

Those international students who are a part of a study abroad program, might find this particular category extremely helpful when it comes to immigrating to the province of Ontario.

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International Student with a Job Offer Stream

Here is the list of all that is required of a potential immigrant, who is also an International student with an employment offer in hand, to get to live permanently in the Canadian province of Ontario:

  • The applicant must have studied no less than half the time in Canada.
  • They should either have already been graduated, or soon to be graduating from a university or college, one that is funded publicly, in Canada.
  • They must have got themselves a diploma or a degree on completing at least two years of full-time study. Either that, or got into a certificate course or a postgraduate program, at least a year long one, to get qualified. If they make the latter choice, they will have to show a diploma or a degree that should have earned previously, in a university in or out of Canada.
  • They should have got themselves a full-time employment offer for a job that has an NOC level 0, A, or B. The applicant’s employer will also require to make a submission of an application to Opportunities Ontario. This job offer will have to be an approved one, and its validity will have to sustain the time that the applicant’s application will take to get an approval. It should be noted that the employment offer doesn’t necessarily have to be from the same area as the applicant’s field of education.
  • From the time that the applicant receives their Canadian diploma or degree, till they submit their application, the time period should not have exceeded two years. An applicant can also apply, when they’re still in their last semester of studying.
  • If they’ve been living in Canada, the status of their application will have to be legal. In addition, their employer will also be required to submit forms with respect to Joint Verification, and Pre-Screen Position.

International PhD Students Stream

This stream, just as the name suggests, is for students who have got themselves a doctorate degree, and are looking to immigrate to this province. These students too, don’t necessarily need to have an employment offer to qualify; but again, there are certain other requirements that they would need to look into.

Applicant requirements:

  • The applicant must have completed their doctorate, or awaiting the completion of their degree course, or at least completed two years worth of studying for a PhD and still studying, from a university in the province, that is funded publicly.
  • The application would have to be submitted 2 years, and no more than that, after graduating with a PhD.
  • They should prove their status to be legal, as they reside in Canada, while submitting the application.

Pilot International Masters Graduate Stream

This sub-category is in its plot stage right now, and is accepting no more than a thousand applicants. While a job is not required to be eligible under this stream, there is a list of other requirements that will need to be fulfilled by a potential immigrant.

Applicant requirements:

  • They should intend to live in the province of Ontario.
  • They should have completed their Masters from a university in the province that is both funded by public, as well as eligible in every way for this category.
  • One year of study must have been completed in a manner that is full-time.
  • Once the applicant graduates with their Master’s degree they should wait no more than 2 years to submit their application for immigration. At the earliest, the applicant can apply during their last semester.
  • Their status should be legal, while residing in the province, as they apply under this sub-category.
  • Anyone seeking an asylum or a refugee claimant, is not eligible for this program.
  • A potential immigrant would be required to be highly proficient in either French, or English.
  • The applicant’s income or savings should be enough to take care of both themselves, and also their dependents, if any.
  • Within the last two years, the applicant must have lived in the province, for no less than one year in full.
  • The applicant will have to ensure the authorities, that they do not plan to primarily study further in Ontario. ‘They could, however, study, in relation to whatever occupation they choose for themselves.