entrepreneur stream

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to apply for 188 visa, under the entrepreneur stream, you must have:

  • Age less than 55 years (unless your complying entrepreneur activity is of exceptional economic benefit to the nominating state or territory)
  • Evidence of competent English at the time of invitation for visa
  • A genuine intention of undertaking a complying entrepreneur activity in Australia
  • Your complying entrepreneur activity must not be related to residential real estate, labour hire or purchasing an existing enterprise or a franchise in Australia
  • One or more legally enforceable agreement of funding worth at least AUD 200,000 from any of the following entities
    • Publicly Funded Research Organisation
    • State or Territory Government
    • Commonwealth Government Agency
    • Registered investor with Early State Venture Capital Limited Partnership or an Australian Venture Capital Limited Partnership
    • Specified Higher Education Provider
  • An agreement demonstrating of paying at least 10% funds to the entrepreneurial entity within 12 months of activity undertaken in Australia
  • At least 30% of interest in entrepreneurial entity at the time of entering into the agreement
  • A valid plan or innovative idea of leading commercialisation of a product or service or the development of enterprise in Australia
  • Maintain an ongoing relationship with the nominating state or territory government

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